Monday, January 25, 2010

Techie Debates

Those who love me best seem to think I would not be happy with a Kindle. I'm torn about it, still thinking after all these months, and so this is most likely an accurate observation. I do love the sensory pleasure of reading...though I'm not so excited about the bottom of my carry on ripping out at airports. ::snort::

I'm on to new techie debates...a mini-notebook or a small laptop? I use our laptop as MY computer. It's got a big screen, I love that for home...but it's HEAVY. I've been eying mini-notebooks.....but again...debating because I'm not sure I'd like a mini for every day use. The girls love their Dell mini-notebook. Mike has found a smaller-than-I-have laptop, probably one size up from a mini, that has 500 GB on the hard drive (I've maxed out my current laptop) and a DVD player....more options than a mini.....still small.....but then do I really WANT small? I mean I wanted it desperately when we were traveling and living in TLF and hauling my big laptop and stack of books back and forth...but now that I'm at home.....

Yes, we will be buying some sort of laptop. It is our understanding Mike can't be patched through to our home phone on DSN lines for moreale calls as we are no longer in America. Therefore, we want to send him with a laptop so we can try to Skype from the rock pile....if, of course, there is Internet connections....which I assume in this day and age is one of the items set up first for official communication purposes. He can't put Skype on an official computer....and this way he can keep up with the blog - which was a HUGE help for his transaction back to family life when he was deployed in 2007. We will be purchasing another laptop....should it be a mini-notebook, a smaller notebook or another BIGGEST-SCREEN-I-CAN-FIND laptop?

Your thoughts?
Choosing Joy!
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