Sunday, September 12, 2010


We had a blast helping with an RE (Sunday School) carnival this a.m. All from Nolan to myself manned a booth. The youngers earned lots of tickets and bought lots of "stuff". LOL

After chapel, Mary picked up Twyla's boys and met me on the road to Towada Horse Park. I left my camera at home so we'll need to redo this trip soon. Nothing really happens until it is photographed and blogged. There is a spectacular slide here....and a museum...horses etc.... Great fun and great fellowship.

Back at home....and thinking I need to write up a bio and workshop description for the PWOCI conference....and I need to get ready for Bible study tomorrow night.....full week coming up - but we're ready. Bring it on!

I've decided I'm going to go watch The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry from Netflix with the kids...then I'm cancelling Netflix. It's not working well for us.

Thirty-Five Yen

Thirty-five yen =  $.28....those little yennys are LIGHT and useless. I've not found ANYTHING to buy for a yen.....but they are quite handy for keeping Stacia in coins. 

Kim, warned me my first night in Japan that the coins are worth MONEY.....those four little coins above add up to Y1,200 or $9.60.  (Hmmm.....I have may have done the math was much simpler to think 100/1 than it is for me to think 80/1. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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