Monday, September 17, 2007

Marvelous Monday

*If you didn't notice that I updated Destinee's entry twice today - please scroll up - she needs our prayers TONIGHT!

I'm telling you, I'm on a roll! LOL

I made it to Curves this a.m.

School went well.

We added speech therapy into the mix today.

Nolan and I ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies for making clay lamps and Egyptian instruments later in the week.

I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner and then ran to Curves for the first class in the "6 week solution". I hope it is. I'm a bit doubtful - but maybe. LOL

Michael and I were able to have a nice talk with Josiah. We discussed our expectations (and his expectations) as he lives in our home as an adult. His plan is to move out this summer so that he is all set, if we get orders. A wise plan.

We played a rousing round of tag in the front yard.

Michael, the fantastic four and I went on a walk.

All are in bed....I'm going now.

Oh, Josiah just went to get Jamin from work.
School -

Woohoo! We got it ALL done....

I began talking about cows, calves, squares, the number 1 and the letter A with Zander. He decided today that he'd like to learn to write Alex and not Zander or Alexander. ::snort::

We did our TOG, our writing, our independent work....math....began studying butterflies....and we made Egyptian Bread and Hummus....which our book tells us are authentic. I'm not sure what the spices should be like in this Hummus - I used the Moosewood recipe. Nolan tried it and said it "takes your breath away". I'm not sure that is good.

As for the bread; I'm guessing we're making pita bread.
Arielle & Nolan enjoyed playing/working with the dough!
Trays ready to sit covered overnight, we'll make it in the morning. Stacia is our taste tester....and she is not wearing clothes because it works better that way when we are painting or cooking. ::snort::
Nolan & Miss Natalie....
Speech began again today....Miss Natalie said that Nolan had grown a foot over the summer. She is going to work with him to write a book in the next few weeks. She thinks this will give her lots of time to work on sequencing with him.
What is this????
Does anyone know what this is? I guess I'd best schedule time in to visit a nursery.....
Jamin's Blog

Our 16 yo has a class this year in which he is trying to get book reviews etc published. We've run into a problem. No one seems to WANT to publish what a YOUTH thinks about books - even the teen magazines have adult reviewers telling them what teens think. ::snort:: A blogger is born. He will be publishing his book reviews, editorials, various writing assignments, short stories, various excerpts he's working on from his book - to his blog.

He may eventually write about "life", but my family seems to think that I do a well enough job communicating our daily activities. ::snort::

You can visit his blot at