Friday, November 17, 2017

Michael Has a Birthday

This is Michael's birthday week - and what a week it has been!  Today, however, is the legal, honest-to-God, REAL BIRTH day! Last year Michael and I were traveling the Caribbean Sea. We both spent some time thinking back. This is Michael's first birthday without Mom G. 

In the past year our family has grown, Arielle got married, we have a new home in a state we've dreamed of, we've said goodbye to Mom G, battled cancer with Mom T (who is battling it again)....It's wild that Michael has two new grands since his last birthday!  Here he and Gideon enjoy some recliner time. 
Gramps and Gideon Enjoying each other and Gemma's camera antics
This afternoon this newly minted family came home! 
CoRielle and Bennett

What a joy! Another baby to love. 
I took a photo of the kids and Cory and Bennett - but it's not on my phone! 

We headed out when CoRielle arrived home. We thought they'd appreciate a couple of hours of quiet time as they settled in.  On the way to town, we stopped for mail. Lots of cards and even a package from John and Mary in the box! We visited Lowe's and Fred Myers and then came home for dinner.  The kids will be coming over tomorrow to celebrate Michael's birthday but I made a little brownie/cookie/cake for tonight. 

What could cause such hilarity? Our attempt at singing Happy, Happy Birthday to You....Jesus loves you....we'll do better with Bre in the mix tomorrow for his REAL cake. 
Fuzzy - but too good not to keep
 Michael didn't want me to buy 3 boxes of candles.....

We topped the night off watching, "The Emperor's New Groove" on vhs in our bedroom so we didn't blast Bennett out the window.....and playing Dominion. I, decided catching the blog up would yield better results personally than being trounced in another strategy game. ::snort::

Happy Birthday, Michael! You are my adventure, my best story, my best friend and confidant. Thanks for loving us so well.