Thursday, May 24, 2007

Choosing Joy in the Midst of Sorrow

How Can I Keep From Singing

I have so much to write. My heart is full. I won't be able to write much now. The room spins, I feel like throwing up and my limbs are shakey when I sit up...but I wanted to say something.

I had to go the ER last night and got home at 6 this a.m. We have lost our precious baby. God is still perfectly good. His nature, His Word, and Worship rang through my heart throughout this experience. He has been so kind and compassionate.

Three songs rang continuously through my mind yesterday and this a.m. "Blessed be your name" (above on my blog), "How Can I Keep from Singing" (above) and the gospel song "We've come this far by faith" (but I can't find a rendition of it that matches Rev. Harvey's to share - all the ones on youtube are too slow and mournful).

I'm still choosing joy!