Saturday, February 03, 2007

Scary Pregnancy Photos

Several SHS friends are posting their scary pregnancy photos in an amazing show of solidarity with a dear sweet sister/friend Lisa. Lisa - soon and very soon. I wish I had some of the even scarier ones but all my photos are on the infamous crashed computer or need to be scanned - and I've not remembered how to do that. LOL I post these while I figure out what I want to blog about today.

Here are shots from my pregnancy with Stacia....

8 1/2 months and THRILLED to be moving! ::snort:: I thought I was dying when I heat the summer heat down here.

We moved into this house 2 weeks before Stacia was born....majorly nesting and NOT being a wise pregnant woman - to all my dear preggo friends "do not try this in your home!" BTW I happen to think purple is a gorgeous color for legs. LOL That thing in my hand never could find a new home here...and is gone...

Heading to the Hospital - doc Adams finally told me I couldn't stay pregnant forever. LOL We induced. It's a G family tradition to close your eyes for all important photos.
In the hospital - I've had to threaten Mike with dismemberment for some of his hospital photos - but you wanted scary.
Then I went home to bedrest for three weeks eclampsia....::snort:: Now THAT was scary.

*The Thyroid Diet* by Mary Shomon

Jill mentioned reading this book. She shared a summary of her thoughts on the book and it intrigued me enough to pick up a copy from the library.

More than 25 million Americans have diagnosed – and undiagnosed – thyroid conditions, which almost always result in a metabolic slowdown. This was not a huge surprise to me. I'd heard over and over that hypothyroidism results in a sluggish metabolism. Somehow, however, I'd never made the connection between that piece of information and my slow and steady weight loss. Obviously, I can lose weight - but it takes a lot of WORK. The following quote surprised me as I'd fallen into the "take a pill and it will all be fine camp", "Even after optimal treatment, however, weight problems plague many thyroid patients." I had figured the weight struggles could have nothing to do with my hypothyroidism as I have it checked annually and my TSH is always "within normal".

In The Thyroid Diet, Mary Shomon identifies the struggles one may have with weight and offers many solutions. Some of her solutions are alternative and she recommends MANY supplements. I have not decided to try any of the supplements at this time, but I was impressed with Mary's detailed explanations of each supplement and her opinion as to whether it would be worth a try. {g} This book, then, discusses dietary changes (low-glycemic, high-fiber, lower-calorie diet but I'm guessing still at 1200?), timing of meals for maximum hormonal impact, thyroid-damaging foods to avoid, helpful herbs and more. There are several different eating plans, food lists and great looking recipes in the book. There are worksheets to use in tracking your weight loss and a wonderful appendix with websites, books, and support groups listed.
It is hard to summarize the information in this book. Some of it has been helpful, some I will skip. Bottom line is that a thyroid patient should realize their weight loss may be slower and they should be PATIENT with themselves. You will NOT often lose weight as quickly as you put it on when your thyroid "blurps" (as I term it). Your metabolism is slow and you must do all you can to speed it up. This line has been thrown around so much that I have spent quite a few years sort of disdaining it. EVERYONE in American CANNOT have a slow metabolism...and yet weight is on the rise. I think "slow metabolism" is probably the most oft used excuse for weight gain - and often it is more about lack of movement or over-consumption of food. Daily 60 minutes of exercise is essential (I'm up to 45 min 5 - 6 days a week), drinking adequate water, eating enough to keep your metabolism revved up....

It was an amazing "coincidence" (read God thing) that I'd be reading this book at the same time that our doctor sent me to talk with a dietitian. If I'd not had the dietitian look at my food journal and comment, I think I would have read this book and focused on the comments about "low calorie" and tried to cut my calories further.

Mary also runs several websites devoted to educating on thyroid disease (hypo and hyper and more). Obviously, her books and many supplements are offered at the website but the site is full of great information. She also has several articles at .

Reading this book showed me that I need to educate myself on this condition I've had for 33 years. As a child, I took the pill I was given and assumed that the pill meant I would have no thyroid related struggles. I WAS told that I'd have a difficult time getting pregnant and not carry to term because of my thyroid - that should have been a clue that the pill wouldn't take care of all. However, I considered the info to be bogus because I did conceive and have carried to term...and didn't think more about it until I read this book.
I plan to study more on thyroid disease as it is an auto immune disease and seems fairly important that I understand what I can do to improve my health. Mary has written several more books and recommends other books. I found this book helpful enough that I've placed it on my PaperBack Swap wish list. I simply don't have time to explore the appendix with a library book. {G}