Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quote of the Day: "If a man wears a crown, HE'S IN CHARGE!" muhahahaha
We woke up today with sunburns. It was raining this a.m. It's funny that it LOOKS overcast but it is still warm. Strange....
We opted for a day of inside fun.....we'll save the neon mini-golf for the weekend or next week. Thanks, Deja.

First, I went to Curves - my fun - sort of. LOL

Next, we made cookies. We usually do this at least once a week....but haven't since before our trip. Reading the newest Hannah Swenson mystery was SURE to motivate me to bake cookies! ::snort::

We had to grind flour - not sure why THIS is fun, but the youngers enjoy it.
Then we HAD to decide which chocolate chip would the official G family favorite. Two had been recommended to us. Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate and Guittard Semi-Sweet....both made with REAL ingredients! You KNOW by now, that I don't' spend real $ for fake food - right? ::snort::
The wider, flat chip is Ghiradelli.....
Everyone got into the act... (though I won't post ALL the photos)
Hmmm....MY favorite is down by one....Michael will HAVE to vote and if he picks my favorite...we'll be tied...and EVERYONE knows that Mom and Dad's votes count double....Stacia ATE the chips set aside for Michael....but we rescued a few so the day isn't a total loss. Since there wasn't a clear cut winner I decided to use both bags - double the chocolate - how can you go wrong? I also added almond flavoring to the vanilla. ::snort::

Ah man - we're running out of Rapadura. I quickly went online and ordered more. It's cheaper to order online and pay shipping than to buy it around here - of course I AM ordering 33lbs at a time. ::snort::

Oh my WORD - caught in the ACT..... (yes, we eat raw dough and don't remind me about the egg - I choose to deny that inconvenient fact - froze a few balls for cookie dough ice cream next time I make ice cream)

And what is that suspicious bulge in his cheek???? ::snort::

Are there any other homes in America where a sentry must be posted to guard the cookie dough?

After lunch the boys played PLAY STATION - a treat around here. It was unexpected and they were happy.

Stacia took a nap. Arielle and I met Mandy at the theater to watch No Reservations. We really liked this movie. I LOVED the behind the lobby chef scenes. It had romance (but only two kissing scenes and well OK I don't want the censors to grab me again), it has humor, and the monopoly scene between Kate and Zoe reminded Arielle and I of monopoly games with BreAnne. I suppose technically this is a Chick Flick....which is why I made a date with a friend to go alone. My crew really isn't into chick flicks and so I did without for over 20 years...then I discovered I could go to a movie ALONE. ::snort:: I do think that my Uncle or Jamin or any male who is interested in cooking would enjoy parts of this movie.....probably.

The older two young men are working again tonight. Jared has Civil Air Patrol again. We met Mike for dinner (I'm getting SICK of BK Tendergrill salads). At BK Zander was excited to be given a crown.....see the quote of the day! ::snort:: Michael will stay at work until 9:30 and bring Jared home. The older boys will be home after 10:00....the youngers are playing a bit more play station. I need to write a newsletter for tomorrow and set up tables for co-op. I also hope to do some blog reading and possibly more of Key Lime Pie Murder....

Stacia's camo hat doesn't really show up in sepia.....