Thursday, April 23, 2015

PWOC Retreat 2015

This past weekend was Beale PWOC's Spring Retreat.  As I enjoyed the weekend I realized that this is the first PWOC retreat I have attended where I have not either planned the retreat, spoke at the retreat or done both. It was good - very good.  My only "job description" was to be available to advise and help Cynthia in any way she needed. She built a great team and they pulled together a really wonderful retreat.  I also had the fun of being on a panel and "mcing".... OH I WAS the cargo van on the way up into the mountains. 

Diamond Arrow Christian Conference center was TOPS. The facility was nice, the food was good and the staff was INCREDIBLY helpful.  Q and Faterrah met us up there early to decorate.
We were happy Rebecca Shirey could be our speaker. I was thrilled to share Rebecca, a mentor, with "my gals." Aren't these lunch coolers the cutest thing yet?

Everything was lovely..... the decorations, worship, messages, fellowship, games..... 
Janete did a wonderful job leading us in games.....
Speed Friending - Jen (L) is responsible for our bags and all that was in them
Speed Friending
Cyndi and Karina rocked worship
The panel discussion was a lot of fun for those of us on the panel.
Me, Becky, Mary (Cynthia's MIL)
 Our Group
F - Me, Becky, Cynthia, Thea, Katie, Mindee
B - Rachel, Cyndi, Hope, Karina, Mary, Allison, Steph, Jen, Brittney, Faterrah, Janete
Rachel did all the graphics for our folder, banners and bag
The evening ladies which attended
Cyndi, Karina, Cynthia, me, Allison
The M&M (Moms and Mentors) moms who attended
Brittney, me and Hope
Our 2014/15 Board (Desiree couldn't join us - blech on chemo)
F- Jen and Katie (registration guru)
B - Steph, Rachel, Me, Cynthia, Mindee
 Cynthia  pulled off an amazing retreat! I'm proud of her and the team.
Becky's sessions were FULL of heart changing insight. I plan to sit and review notes in the upcoming week.
The "best" table group yet - contrary to rumors we were NOT the loud group - we were the enthusiastic group.
Karina, Brittney, Hope, Mindee
 Impromptu sharing around the fire on Saturday night - the best times are often the unplanned times

What a trooper Faterrah is. I can't wait to meet her little one.  

We got back to base as the Protestant service was letting out. It was fun to have a bit of family time with Becky.  We  joined with the D family for lunch and a quick picture with the Gherkins.....then we parted ways. The Gherkins to D's to home....and Michael and I to give Becky a tour of Beale.

 WW2 POW cell block

We missed those who couldn't join us and wanted to be with us: Desiree due to chemo and Maria due to surgery. The weekend was a sweet time of bonding for the group. I saw God move and I saw relationships flourish. I believe it was a God thing...a fitting way to begin the final chapter of our Air Force ministry....I'm refreshed and excited entering the home stretch.

April - Retreat
May - Graduation in TX and CA, pass off the PWOC baton
June - Open Bible Conference, Pittsburgh
July - Japan/ VBS
14 August - Retirement Ceremony

BTW I'm still trying to decide if I'm a true extrovert. I love people, but I do love my pj days as well.