Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yuuki Photo of the Day

Yes, she has her own chair....she wasn't thrilled with Stacia's grooming.....

Jared is an Adult!

It's an exciting day around here. The world recognizes what we've know...our first AMA child, Jared,  has become an adult.  ::snort:: 

We raise our children to transition for youth to young adult and you know - it just happens....we're proud of the young man Jared has become.  He's faced a lot of "stuff" in 2011....and he conquered.  God has developed in Jared  the right stuff in the face of hard stuff.  We rejoice. 

The girls and I created an ice cream cake keeping Jared's favorite things in mind....

No, she doesn't do this when we're having company

Zander alarmed me by mentioning  a loose tooth. I thought it was a permanent one...but a friend has a dentist husband who put my mind at ease. Zander pulled his tooth out at dinner.....couldn't stand how it felt. ::snort:: We were a bit alarmed to see this at dinner - but we've learned to flex around here.

I continue to live sourdough in my quest to get this right for Michael. This a.m. I made 8 really, really sourdough muffins. I was too sore last night to bake them and so let them sour overnight (a total of about 24 hours).  Jared and Michael like them....I think the rest of us would like milder.  I then fed the starter and made two loaves of sourdough bread....somewhere between a marginal and a fail. I wasn't patient enough to stay up until 3 a.m. to bake them (got my timing wrong) and so baked them early. ::snort::  I did bake 8 PERFECT muffins tonight after Michael reminded me I DO own an electric worked MUCH better than the cast burning. Not bad for one day of baking. 

We shopped for Jared and were happy with our finds. Suitably adult like gifts.

Jared and I watched some clips from Iowa and talked. Relaxing - very relaxing afternoon.  (Of course I let go the expectation of several projects).

The roads were bad enough that Michael didn't want to venture out to Jared's restaurant of choice. I baked pizzas instead. We opened gifts...enjoyed cake....good times.
Birthday Hugs 

Stacia tries to help Jared blow out trick candles
Wonderful day...filled with just a bit of ministry, lots of family, lots of laundry and baking...and  a bit of school. Good stuff.

Choosing Joy!
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