Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Only 50 days - Bella Update

Somebody is arriving "soon" - 49 days actually but my timer switches over in the afternoon! 

Cobie, a friend from Alaska, made this darling outfit for our "Bella Angel." I can't wait!!!!!

33 weeks! Only 7 more to D Day....give or take a couple of weeks.

Boo Yay - Again

Hmmm.....lots of opportunities to practice our Boo Yay game strategy! ::snort::

Boo - Six months and we're STILL at Beale Fam Camp.

Yay -  The weather is fabulous and we can play and school outside!

Boo - We are out of food.

Yay - Stacia and Mom time and who can hate shopping with cute bags like these to use! 
Retreat bag

Boo - The boys are taking SOOO LONG with school!

Yay - let's go play with Emma and Hope

Emma brightens any day!

Boo - we're not in Florida or TX. Michael has all sorts of "issues." 

Yay - The VA called and Michael has six appointments scheduled before the end of March. We should be able to travel after the initial VA appointments. We  will jet to visit John and Mary in Eureka and then on to OR to see Bella girl. 

Yay - we had the chance to visit with dear friends.