Friday, February 23, 2007

Thoughts of the Day

Speech went well. Produce c0-op went well. I didn't make it to my class on base...but that's o.k. They were going to go to the commissary and talk about shopping, labels etc.

I got my hair done today. I'm letting it grow out....but she put layers in and flipped some up and some under....I'm pretty sure I won't ever get it to look like Heather did.

Nolan and Arielle began a drama class today at Camp Broadway Kids. They went home with Deja's family after co-op. Nolan hasn't stopped talking. They had a good time.

Nolan, Zander, Stacia and I went for a long walk. We met up with Jamin. We stopped and played at a local school's playground on our way home. Stacia loves the high slides. One is twisty, and she nearly got more than she bargained for. Jamin and I laughed at the look of terror that quickly switched to exhileration on her face.

Pizza tonight. Ruckus. Movie. Josiah's working until at least 11:30 tonight.


Nolan weighing mushrooms...

Zander decided to provide some music.....

Note the thermometer in Stacia's mouth...I didn't even notice until Adrienne pointed it out!