Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday???? Shew....Thank God Friday is Coming!

This has been another very hectic week - for us as well as for Mike. We're all really looking forward to his day off tomorrow. He works until 9:30 every Thursday night. I envisioned reading tonight, but needed to read SHS mail, email, paperwork, write a newsletter...... I'll update the blog and then maybe read a book yet! Maybe.

I hit 50 Curve workouts today. My goal is 100 by the end of October...but for sure by the end of the year. The trainer talked to me about my workouts. I've been watching and seen that some ladies really work it - and I figured out what they were doing differenly than I. I go in 5 - 6 times a today they said if I want to keep doing the more intense workouts I need to do those only 3 times a week...and then the other pace the other days. OK. LOL My hip is still giving me trouble (evidenced by the tumble into the cactus and the stiff a.m.'s) but I find that working through the pain in the a.m. DOES help me throughout the day.

Kristine - here's my first thing in the a.m. shot...any hints of makeup are because I forget to wash it off the night before. ::snort:: Can you believe I go to Curves like this every a.m.? ::snort::
Here I am with Heather - my hair stylist......she called to ask if it was about time for me to come see her. ::snort:: I couldn't remember if I'd made an appointment to see her when we got back. She has been on my list for two weeks to call...I'm glad she called and then came in early today so that Arielle and I could get our hair done before SHE went on vacation next week. Yes, she's young, but her prices are good and her work is GREAT. And SHOOT I simply like talking to a 19 year old girl from time to time.
Arielle wanted to go short again. She watched me having my eyebrows waxed and decided that is one beauty treatment that doesn't need rushing. ::snort::
I called around to get the final scoop on how a person gets a driver's license in this state. Jamin thought that he'd studied the manual and could just go in and take a permit test. That's how it works in AK. Not here. I was told that you HAD to go to a driving academy and after the 3rd class you could take the permit test. The class is $340. Finally, Heather (not Heather above) told me that there is a Parent Taught Driver's Ed that the state sells for $20. After the first module - they can test for their permit. It's the same stuff that the Driving Academy$60 for the material, permit, and license or $340? I think we'll do Parent Taught.
I also made a couple of my calls....I really, really, really try hard to touch base by phone but the phone doesn't work well with this active house.
In fact, today, when I went to put the baby down for a nap all "whatever" broke loose in the living room. I haven't a clue what was going on - or didn't at that time because I was determined to get her down for a nap. The mailman and two produce baskets were dropped off during that time - God only knows what they heard! It sounded like someone was being murdered from where I sat.
I got my vacuum back! Yippee! I came home and thoroughly dusted and vacummed. What a good feeling. They told me that I had no choice on the high repair bills because "Kirby has you" and I told them that Kirby doesn't have me for much longer. This is getting ridiculous.
Late afternoon found me ironing a uniform that looked suspiciously like an Air Force uniform. I SWORE I would not ever do that again about 12 years ago....when Mike didn't like the way I ironed. Today went no better. ::snort:: BUT eventually we did manage to get Jared into his CAP uniform and out the door for his meeting.

I will admit that as he walked away from the van I realized I'm not sure I want to be a military spouse and a military mom - he may have to rethink his life's ambitions. ::snort::
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