Friday, September 07, 2007

WHEW - We're Good

Here it is - 30 minutes past produce co-op and we have The Caboose all loaded and ready to go....we're off. Michael has declared this to be an electronic free weekend - so don't expect updates until Sunday night or Monday. (Though we ARE taking the DIGITAL cameras - so not totally no tech).

I am NOT going to get the challenges concluded before the end of the weekend. I'll post on Monday.

I am going to begin posting Proverbs thoughts and Chapter summaries again next week as well.

I KNOW that I'm going to get this schedule down by then. LOL

Jared finally got to pin his first promotion (he's only been attending say 6 weeks LOL). To promote they have to take two leadership tests, a PT test, a marching test, and an aerospace test. He'd taken all the tests and been waiting for the PT test, which happened last week.

Here are a few shots from the pinning on of Cadet G to Airman G. I don't know if this is typical, but here, the active duty get to pin rank on their children.

Here Jared tries not to roll his eyes - I say ROLL THE EYES BUD!

After the ceremony, Jared tested for leadership and marching for the next rank. I'm guessing he'll be an AIC after the next PT test. LOL
Thursday Update

Curves, Sears, Target, Post Office, and at the hairdressers by 10:00.

Ran to Sears and picked up a new crock pot after leaving the hair dressers.

Home for lunch.....then rushed boys to HoF - a local ministry to the downtown schools. The Fantastic Four and I came home and began packing The Caboose (trailer). I talked with Bre. I talked with USAA for ANOTHER hour about the girl's insurance....ARGH. I raced across to find a local school in a part of town I've never been in. I found it and picked up the boys. We raced Jamin to work. We rushed through Albertsons (having a great 2/1 produce sale) and went home.

We had a nice roast dinner - I LOVE the crock pot. Michael came home for dinner and then took Jared up to CAP (photo next).

Josiah came home and needed a bit of brainstorming time on an "unbiased paper summarizing abortion" that he is working on.

The Fabulous Four and I continued packing the trailer. I called the girls and then emailed them info about their insurance policies. Would you believe Josiah has cheaper insurance as a 19 yo because of the CAR he bought than Krista (who is 20 but has a 1980 Chevy Luv)? I was shocked - her policy is twice the price. She's going to check some other companies.

Boys home at 10:00 p.m. I counted co-op money and headed for bed. The trailer packing will have to wait.
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