Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm doing it!

I crossed 18 items off my list.

I reworked a PWOC "thing" I'm trying to write.

I drove boys here and there.

I cleaned house - a bit.

I dealt with SPRINT, again! Grrrr....they are making me CRAZY! We were told in Jan that we would receive a 15% military discount. I noted months later that we WEREN'T receiving this. I called them. They fixed it so I would receive it but told me it would take 2 months to show up. I called again and told them that it didn't seem right that they said I would get this discount since Jan and I didn't begin seeing it until July and I wanted it to be retroactive. I think that is fair.They opened a dispute for me. Today was the LAST day for them to settle it. I got a call. They decided not to give me the back pay because I didn't call them within 2 months of the dispute which began in Jan. HELLO????? I explained that I had a written contract where they SAID they would give me the discount and it seems to me that regardless of WHEN I caught that they weren't giving me the discount THEY should honor the contract. She kept me on hold another 10 minutes as she talked with her supervisor again. Oh - if you have a written contract fax it to us and we'll give it to you. NOW I need to find the written contract and I have a sinking feeling that they didn't write it down...that they tell you this so that you'll sign up and then don't give you the discount until you complain....OK that is unfair - I'm being jaded....and I'm sure my view is colored by the Bank of America thing last year. LOL Sprint wasn't on my list!

These arrived!!!!!


What a BLESSING! I've been worried about how to pay for school "right now". I put out feelers that I was looking to buy a used redisgn TOG Year 2 (side bar links). I was offered brand new shrink wrapped 3 units FREE. Can you believe that? They'd sent duplicates to a customer. They'd told her they would pay shipping for her to send it back or she could find a ministry family to give it to. She found me. I'll need to buy Unit 4 but that can wait a bit. I am currently trying to figure out which Unit 1 books I MUST have and get those ordered before we leave on vacation.

Where has the summer gone? I'm not ready for school to begin again.

We've not been ONLY working...
Jared, wanna dance?

I have been asked to look at artwork to pick some out for the new chapel. Um....hmmm...I need to get in the right frame of mind for this...I think I'll save it for tomorrow and go read until Mike get's home. LOL

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COUNTDOWN.....6 Days until we see the GIRLS!

Strutting their stuff at 31/2 and 1 1/2 years old. We have a long history of girls grabbing my lipstick around here. ::snort::
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today, Josiah, became the first G to give up his Alaskan residency. Yes, it's true. Josiah is now a Texan. The really surprising news is that I could find his birth certificate and social security card when he stopped by for them. ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.


That about says it all! ::snort::

I continue to work my to do list. I ran a zillion errands today - with Stacia in tow.

I put in our produce co-op order.

I have fun things to write about the kids - but I'll try to do it tomorrow - though the secret is that I blog daily because my memory lasts about 12 hours these days. LOL

I mailed quite a few PBS books (link in sidebar). I received a PBS book.

I am trying to read a book that I need to review - but I am not sure I can do the review justice. Maybe I'll post it and the giveaway tomorrow too.

Mike asked when I want the trailer home and that reminds me that I'm about 2 weeks behind in getting ready for the trip...but long time blog readers know that I am ALWAYS overwhelmed trying to get out on a trip. Our lives are SO busy that there are always a zillion loose ends that seem to NEED tending to before we can leave.....which is probably why it's good to leave once a year....I suppose it serves as a stopping point and then we can begin again when we get home.

I'm working on Jamin's portfolio for NARHS.

I worked on some Internet Security stuff for our region.

I worked on getting local PWOC paperwork submitted so that things are in line for the kick off when I come home.

Mike is just home - and I'm calling it a day though the list is not shrinking....Ah, he's climbing in the attic. It appears the ringing I've been hearing all day is not in my ears but in the attic fan and he worries it will catch fire.

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Jared's Camp

Many have emailed, called or left comments. Here's more info.

Last year Jamin and Jared earned their $ to go to World View Academy. It would not be stretching it to say that this was a life-defining week for both boys. The material is rigorous, the games are rigorous....the whole thing is "intense"....and certainly it honed their vision for how God may use them in the kingdom, as well as taught them leadership skills etc.

Jared has worked HARD this year but has more responsibilities with CAP and at home and so hasn't been able to roam the streets drumming up work all day long 6 days a week. Our homeschool support group usually has a group that works to raise funds, publicize the students who are earning money etc...but that hasn't happened this year either. He DOES get a $50 discount because there are 5 students going from our homeschool support group.

Because you've asked....Jared's cost is $495 to attend a week long leadership camp. At this point he has $400 of the amount raised (including a generous gift he heard about yesterday). He has $95 left to earn. He's a bit worried as the money is due 1 Sept, the week after we get back from leave......but there is NO WAY we are leaving him home.

He has a job to stain a neighbor's fence lined up for tomorrow. He will NOT let us pay him for doing our yard or outside windows. In fact, we paid the $100 deposit and he is determined to pay us back - but to attend he only needs $95 and it won't hurt him to accept a gift from Mom and Dad. ::snort:: I believe he'll make the simply isn't happening the same way it did last year...but that again is a God lesson. We've always told the kids we'd pay 1/2 for camps, conferences, retreats, youth functions...but the boys have been determined for years to earn 100%. At this point we can't really pay for the whole thing for him...but we know that God will provide for this camp if Jared is meant to attend.

If you are local and would like to have Jared do work for you....please contact him (our phone number is in the SACHSA directory or phone book). He'll be available through the weekend and then again the last week of August. He takes out cactus, washes outside windows, mows lawns, lays sod, cleans 4 ft deep pools, trims trees, stains fences, rakes leaves and is willing to try whatever you are willing to ask him to do. LOL

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They're MY Superheroes!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Working the List...

I've spent the day working the list....trying to get some regional things tied up, trying to get some local women's ministry things tied up, trying to nail down some SHS (homeschool yahoo group) things, trying to nail down produce co-op for this week, finishing chapel paperwork (well THAT will NEVER be done....), still working on what TOG books I should order for Unit 1.....

My list GREW instead of shrinking so I suspect I'll spend tomorrow doing the same thing I did today. EXCEPT I MUST go pick up meds at the pharmacy as the nurse was alarmed that I'm out.....I figure I must be taking something potent because this is the first time I've had anyone at a military clinic really care if I ran out of meds. LOL

OH - I discovered that a Chick Fil A oreo shake has 18 points in it - 18!!!!! (I only get 23 in a whole day)....a DQ blizzard (Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie) has 12 points.....what a bargain. I plead the 5th.

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The older four - 16 1/2 years ago...From bottom center - Krista, Bre, Josiah and Jamin

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Monday, July 28, 2008

COUNTDOWN....9 days until we're all together!!!!

I KNOW how you all love the countdowns to when I get to see my really do. ::snort:: This time I'm going to maintain some sense of dignity and I'll not count down hour by hour.....(Who can ever forget that wait for the Red Cross to find them while Mike was deployed? ::snort::)

I've decided to post one photo a day until THE DAY arrives.....

Is this how EVERYONE dresses in WA??? ::snort:: Palm Sunday at church.

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Highlights of Today

By far THIS:
Jared registered and paid the deposit for World View. I've not heard much of a group going this year from here...but he's going. He's still trying desperately to earn money. He's been removing cactus, mowing lawns, washing windows, trimming trees...and bemoaning the fact that "age discrimination" won't let him get a REAL job until he is 16...but will allow him to sweat in 100* heat for $2 an hour. ::snort::

I had a nice visit with Martha, a friend who had surgery last Wednesday.
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New Hairstyle

I mentioned the photos from Leadership Weekend convinced me to get a haircut and keep trying to lose weight.

I didn't want to post photos of the haircut until Mike got home (but he hasn't noticed). ::snort::

I wanted shorter and sportier - spiky maybe....but Heather the hairdresser said chic was what I needed? LOL

I think this would be a great photo for the PWOC Regional Board Photo - don't you? ::snort::

I don't know how Emily gets natural looking self-portraits - mine were distorted.
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Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Exercise - I made it to the gym 5 days this week. I'm focusing on burning as many calories as possible during that 60 minutes. Two weeks ago I burned 475 in 60 minutes. Saturday I burned 585 in those 60 minutes. My goal had been 500 cal a day. Now I'm aiming for 600 cal a day. Why? Because I began this new point thing. I can SEE that it's "worth more" to burn more during those 60 minutes.

Nutrition - I continue to track what I eat with the spreadsheet/point system that Diane emailed me. I find that I don't NEED any of the bonus points or the exercise points - but it's nice to have them. Tracking points is very similar to tracking calories. I noted that the longer you do something the more "second nature" it becomes. This is good, but in this arena it can result in laxness. Switching up how I food journal has forced me to be "engaged" again. I am still mindful of my produce intake, fiber intake, cholesterol intake.....but I'm staying at or below 23 daily points....though I get extra points for exercise. Read carefully, I have only used those points ONCE but it's nice to know they are there. AND they aren't a straight exchange or there would be no benefit to exercise. For every 100 cal burned, I'm allowed approximately 50 more cal a day to eat. As I said - I don't use them....but knowing that 28 points ARE there seems easier to me than 23 points. ::snort:: (Thanks to Lis and Lisa H for their help with spreadsheets this week).

Weight Loss: - I lost another pound this week. Yesterday, when I talked to Heather, I told her I was unsure if I'd lost anything for the week. Friday night and Saturday I enjoyed much more bread (Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwhich tray) than I normally eat and had gained lbs......but after a day of eating produce and complex carbs.....I was back to where I was Friday a.m. - down a lb. That makes 3 lbs lost in 2 weeks of counting points...only 26 - 30 to go! ::snort::

Excel update: I use an excel on google for our United order. Heather has to be me IT support. Currently, I'm working with a spreadsheet with my TOG books listed in it AND the points sheet. I figure if I use the thing daily, I will learn how to make it work. I'm learning - but I have to call folks regularly for HELP - another goal of mine that has little to do with healthy living is getting comfortable with Excel. This points thing is helping me with there another goal in progress. ::snort::

On with a new week. To hear from more participants go here.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008


We went to the early service today.

We had a PWOC board meeting immediately after the service. I had promised 10 - 15 minutes and I think we kept it right at 15 min. AND we accomplished our business.

We had lunch, sorted through Bible Study material I had been promising Cheryl I would look through, ran to the commissary and came home.

I spent the entire afternoon with a laptop, a spreadsheet and my bookshelves. Lis sent me a spreadsheet with all of TOG year 2 books on it. I have been going through the shelves here and pulling the titles I have that are on the list (marking them purple), marking the ones I think I'll pass on gray.... I created a sheet of spine books and another sheet with unit 1 books....and I learned to sort all sorts of I think I need to learn how to link the sheets (of course THAT is where I'll make tons of errors) so that if I color one purple on the main list it colors it purple on the other lists.....hmmmm...the problem would be if they are all sorted by different perimeters then they wouldn't all be on the same line number so the coloring would be off. ARGH.

I have so many books here that it is hard to believe I need to buy so many more just to do the "basic" history, spine and lit.....

I continue to work on the terminal to do list and to wonder where my summer has gone!

©2008 D.R.G.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I know, I know...I've blogged today...but not a REAL newsy family type blog.

Today was a busy, yet great day. It began early after Friday night ended LATE. ::snort:: Last night was a PWOC event where we attempted to make cookbooks for farewell gifts. Yikes. I had no clue how LONG this project would take. We DID finish 3 of them.....not sure how we'll get the others finished.

When I got home Jared reminded me of his early a.m. O flight with CAP. He also said that the other Cadet needed a ride. THEN Mike called. I miss him. I know it's only beeen a few days but I'll be happy to see him on Monday.

I didn't mind the early a.m. I used the time during their flight to make it to the gym.

We played a bit. I worked a bit.

I'm still whittling down the terminal to do list. Tomorrow is a PWOC board meeting so I did some paperwork for that...must kill a tree for each military meeting. ::snort::

I ran Jamin to work.

I got home and was about to jump in the shower when Bre called. Ah - 3 hours of nice long communing. She told me it's 12 days until we meet. YES. Stacia still insists that if Krista is Zander's lover then Bre is hers. She talked and talked with Bre. She also sang to Bre and then said, "Bre do you want to sing to me?" Bre sang, "you are my sunshine". Stacia got the strangest look on her face. *I* sing that song to all my babies. I could tell she was surprised to hear "mom's" song coming from Bre.....and I choked up remembering singing it to Bre 23 years ago...and Bre singing it to Arielle, Nolan and Zander. LOL That's really what I did most the day - connected with Bre. And it was GOOD! Krista is in Seattle right now. I'll have to try to reach her tomorrow....

Josiah dropped by with a friend, Steve, to pick up Jared.

I attempted a phone conversation with Deja twice today - cut off both times. Honestly - I stink on the phone. I try but I do. I have it on my TO DO list to listen to the messages - the phones are blinking at me and have been for well over a week or so.

I picked up Jamin from work. I read blogs...and now it is LATE....after midnight and time to post this.

©2008 D.R.G.

The Big Question of the Day

Do I want Excel 2003 for Dummies, or Excel Formulas and Functions for Dummies, or Excel 2003 All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies, or Excel 2003 Personal Trainer, or Excel 2003 Visual Quick Tips?

It's a sure bet that I need one of them! I cannot figure out the tutorials and help files.....I want PHOTOS and helps.....and easy-to-read-clear-cut directions. For non-techies.

©2008 D.R.G.

I had to LOOK to find this for you. My friend, Linda, shared months ago that she looks for a "princple" or "word" from God for each year, rather than making New Year's Resolutions. I KNEW I read this on her blog, and I was SURE I remembered her word was "rest".....and there you go - I found it. Click the link above (word this) and you can read her thoughts which are shared much more eloquently than I could do.

Reading her entry was one of those "ah" moments for me. Mike prays for a "word" or "vision" for the chapel each year. I'd slid into the practice, but hadn't really put it into words. I knew that the fall had trended to being a time of evaluation for me and that God seemed to give me a glimpse of what we would be working on and walking through each year. In recent years it's been: "Extravagant Love for God", "Love for Others", "Choose Joy", "New Thing", "Yet" (Habakkuk 3:16-19)...If you are a frequent blog reader you're probably able to remember these themes woven into the blog...after all the blog really is simply a glimpse into our family life through my eyes.

After reading Linda's entry, I realized that God had been taking me on much the same journey - without me KNOWING it. ::snort:: I am a "goal setter" and believe that is good - though I began to realize my goals needed to be much more grace filled...and slowly transitioned to realizing that what I needed was not a list of goals/resolutions for the year...but a sense of God's leading and direction for my personal walk. As I said, I'd slid into the practice that Linda shared over the course of years. This year the word I "thought" was for me was "contentment/surrender". I could never figure out which one word it was and so haven't said much. Seven months into the year I'm fairly certain I can say that it's been both for this year! They "go together". I won't keep obsessing about "one word". ::snort:: My words for the year, the principles and path that God is forming deeper in my spirit this year are contentment and surrender.

This is where God has taken me this year. It's a good journey and maybe I'll share near the end of the year. If you've been following along with me on the journey this year, you can pin point areas where God has led me to surrender and walk in contentment (which has always seemed like apathy and namby pamby pablum to me before this year). ::snort::

For today......the song below is worth the listen. If you don't have time to listen ~ maybe you can glance through the lyrics.

Sanctus Real - Whatever You’re Doing
From the album We Need Each Other

It’s time for healing, time to move on,
it’s time to fix what’s been broken too long
Time to make right what has been wrong;
it’s time to find my way to where I belong

There’s a wave that’s crashing over me, and all I can do is surrender
Whatever You’re doing inside of me
It feels like chaos, but somehow there’s peace
And it’s hard to surrender to what I can’t see, but I’m giving in to something heavenly

Time for a milestone, time to begin again, re-evaluate who I really am
Am I doing everything to follow Your will or just climbing aimlessly over these hills?
So show me what it is You want from me
I give everything – I surrender


Time to face up, clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out that I’ve wanted to say for so many years
Time to release all my held back tears

Whatever You’re doing inside of me
It feels like chaos, but I believe …
You’re up to something bigger than me
Larger than life, something heavenly

Whatever You’re doing inside of me
It feels like chaos, but now I can see
This is something bigger than me
Larger than life
Something heavenly, something heavenly

Time to face up, clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out

Label: Chordant (EMI)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poor Puppy! ::snort::

Beatrix Jamima Puddleduck G - HATES bathes....but she's having trouble lately with personal hygiene. She also is having trouble scratching and the fleas/mosquitoes seem to be tormenting her.
I decided it was time for that most dreaded event....

Bath time!
Then we gave her a flea treatment, a new flea collar, doggie aspirin and a giant doggie joint formula pill. I hope she's feeling better soon.

With that, I'm going to bed. I'll have to update further tomorrow.
©2008 D.R.G.

Swimming in the Rain...

(Ok sprinkles for a couple of minutes but with Dollie bearing down on us, I didn't want to take the chance of misreading the weather AGAIN.

Vacuuming the Pool - great job, Son!

©2008 D.R.G.


I have been wrestling with Toll House Cookies since going crunchy...I think I've got it this time. ::snort::

We wanted to make a plate of cookies for Cy and for Martha, a friend who is recuperating. Truthfully, *I* thought that was the plan. My young chefs seemed to want to gorge themselves on bowls of cookie dough!

Do you like MONSTER cookies or normal cookies best? Photobucket

We'll take Josiah MONSTER cookies.

I took Martha and family a combo plate.


Yes, it IS a Chrismas platter. Wanna make something of it? I still have my snowmen plates out too. ::snort:: I spent too much time figuring out how many points a small cookie would be.

©2008 D.R.G.

Which Do You Like Best? (I'm obsessive)

I've been working diligently the past two weeks to master the "to do" list. Tomorrow night our PWOC group is meeting to make farewell gifts for the upcoming year. Click here to get an idea of what we are doing. The board decided to use a photo of the Water Lilies from the International Water Lily Collection. I am to make the cover. This would have been EASY. I was going to pop it into word, add text and be done...but NOW....I'm a digiscrapper...and I spent 3 hours playing around with photos and am still not sure which I like.

This is to be the cover of a cookbook - recipes submitted by members. What do you think? Remember we are in W TX....and we are intergenerational....

Some with JUST Lilies as I was asked to do....


Some with lilies and other scenes from the past year....
Good times
Thanks - collage
This is hopeless. I had thought I'd go to Sam's and get them printed and ready to go before tomorrow night, but I think I'll take copies to the event tomorrow and let folks vote on which they like. I could set it up on the GAFB blog with a poll.....or I could finish blogging today's events and go to bed. LOL I'm no good when Mike isn't home....I'm a hopeless night owl and look like a hag by the time he returns. ::snort::
©2008 D.R.G.

Leadership Weekend

PWOC Leadership Weekend is held annually in each region. I have heard this called "President's Weekend" and only Presidents attended. In Central Region the executive board from each installation is invited. Our region rocks. The cost of lodging and meals are covered. The idea is for this to be training for new boards about to take office for a year of ministry.

Here are a few glimpses:

Thursday night, as the regional board arrived, we went to Carol's home for dinner. While there we helped her assemble gifts to pass out at LW. To the left is Diane (our VP), Kristen (Keynote speaker), Judy (Titus 2).

Carol, our fearless leader

Deb (Titus 2) speaking about team building

PWOC Moment - that moment when you see an old friend across the roomPWOC moment
Hmmm...I know I'm animated when teaching Bible Studies, when speaking at retreats - but REALLY, WHAT COULD CAUSE ONE TO BE SO ANIMATED when talking about the INTERNET??? ::snort::
The above photos convinced me it was time to lose weight and cut my hair. I suppose when you stalk around taking photos someone is sure to grab the photo and snap some of you....these are compliments of Deb.
Kristen - our special guest
Board doing an impromptu "skit" about the International Conference
Ft. Leavenworth has the most wonderful stain glass windows all around the sanctuary and foyer. The tops show scenes from the life of Christ and the bottoms show military scenes. Here's a sample.

It was a great weekend and I learned much. Not only from our "speakers" but from simply interacting with other godly leaders; from both the local and regional levels.

©2008 D.R.G.

Our Big Adventure or WHAT do you do when the thing starts SCREAMING?

Have you ever noticed that strange things happen around here when Mike is gone? ::snort:: Mike left at 0630 yesterday - this happened at 1300.

The carbon monoxide alarm went off and wouldn't STOP. I was getting my hair done....right in the middle and couldn't run home. I told the kids to open the windows and get out of the house. I fretted through the rest of the appointment trying to remember what you are supposed to do when those things go off.

I came home. All seemed fine. I plugged the thing back in and it didn't go off. We don't HAVE any gas appliances etc in the kitchen. We do have a new gas water heater. It seems to me that if we had a concentration of Carbon Monoxide it would be near the water heater. I moved the alarm to the bathroom - nearest plug I could find. THEN the AC quit working. I replaced the batteries in the thermostat and things seem fine.

Today, I find out that the kids ran out of the house without shoes. I suppose they were really alarmed with the piercing noise. Jared took the little ones to the park. Keep in mind that it is HOT down here. They walked to the park - one in on line skates, one on a bike but barefoot and one in snow boots...carried the baby and the other one hopped barefoot. They wondered why everyone was staring at them? ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.

HELP ME.....

Mike is gone this week and will be home Monday. He's at an Assembly of God Chaplain conference. No, we aren't Assembly of God, but they graciously invited chaplains from smaller denominations to attend their conference. It's all geared to the unique needs of chaplains. I'm praying he runs into old friends, makes new friends, and most of all is spiritually and physically refreshed and renewed during this time away.

The thing is: I'm home alone. I have plenty of things to do on "the list". I am focused.....but I'm also seeing how well this points tracking spreadsheet is working for me....and I'm thinking maybe, just maybe I should look into weight watchers...but flex or core? Who knows....and really I'm LOSING weight last week and this week without attending a meeting...but I like groups of people. ::snort:: AND I just discovered there are over 1395 WW items on auction at ebay....lots of the starter kits with the books and such that everyone I'm very tempted to order the starter kit and continue on my own way....with points tracking, produce eating, Christian Weight Loss Support Yahoo group, gym and possibly the base meetings if I can ever break away at lunch....that's just it....they are Friday at 11:30 and it won't work for me. But it certainly is the key that I'm missing....local support....weekly hearing NEW or old but fresh info about nutrition, health, exercise.....and I think WW may add that....but I don't have the $ for long as I'm working the program without joining and losing, I guess I should keep that up....and I can buy the cool logo totes on ebay. ::snort::

The spreadsheet is cool - though I messed up the formulas....really I like that better than a paper food journal anyway..... but those books with food counts already figured, the motivational DVDs.....but then again most of the counts listed will not be food I eat....

©2008 D.R.G.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terrrrrrrific Tuesday

I enjoyed my morning Tryst.

Jared was my gym buddy this a.m.

We cleaned the house.

I bought an External Hard Drive - a 1 TB. I won't get it installed until Mike returns from MO but surely I won't crash anything more in the near future. Isn't that the way it works? I just had my computer mishap for the quarter::snort::

I filled the new car with gas - 30 mpg...It was certainly less painful to put 9 gal in than it is to put 30.

PLAY DATE! Deja and crew invited us over to visit with HER new bunny. ::snort:: Truthfully, we love going to Deja's house. Not only is she the "lushie lady" (slushie lady) ::snort:: but they have a pool, sandbox, swing, rope swing, play house and trampoline. A veritable kid's paradise. Miss Ellie (who is feeling better thanks so much for the prayers) plays great with Stacia...and Zander loves Everson....Eric and Emma are natural fits with Nolan and Arielle....that means we get MOMMY TALK too! ::snort::

I made Honey Baked Chicken, cheese rolls, salad et al for dinner. Most ate it. That's good. I'll make it again. Sheri, thanks for the recipe.

I'm busy formatting recipes for a PWOC project night on Friday. We're going to make these for this year's farewell gifts. (Hmmm...can't get to the PWOC website tonight, guess I'll post the link later).

Jared discovered this video....humor with a message.

©2008 D.R.G.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Unexpected Play Day

I had a long "to do" list today. Eight of the items, however, required files on my laptop. Today turned into an unexpected play day.

Zander earned his 30th ticket today so they set up the play station. The girls and I had a girls' day. We spent a couple of hours in the pool. Then we showered and ran to Walmart for some items for dinner. I ran home and zipped Jamin to work.

Josiah came for dinner. He arrived a bit early - YES! - and so I had someone to visit with while I cooked. I love that. Stacia joined us. She began to giggle and say, "I LUF that boy!" while pointing at Cy. I shot a quick photo.

Due to the downed computer Mike came home on time. YES! He was home for dinner with us. It was NICE to have 3 men eating again. Mike got my laptop working. All files are recovered. He suggested I go buy a 1 T something or other External Hard Drive....but Best Buy was already closed. I wanted one with red stripes or pink designs but Mike is quite sure that the colors won't make it go faster. ::snort::

We spent a bit of time visiting on the patio. Watching our aging dog and remembering past times with her. Mike thought it would be funny to spray Zander with the hose. I was so PROUD of Zander. This is not the sort of thing that our little alphabet boy likes. He doesn't understand humor, teasing or playing like this. He stood stock still and looked at Mike. Others were laughing....I was sure he'd have a meltdown, run off and be under his bed. He didn't. I said, "Zander get dad back - it's fun." He gave me a look.....and didn't have a meltdown.

Mike prepared to be soaked. ::snort:: Zander knew he was over there SOMEWHERE!
Oh NO! Mike snuck up on him....and still Zander didn't meltdown. I told him I was very proud of him. We asked him if it wasn't fun to let others laugh with you from time to time.
Shortly after this, all moved in to play Ruckus. Zander opted for screen time...a guy can only take so much social interaction in one evening. ::snort::
Amidst cries of "We LUF you" and "Promise we'll see you again"....Josiah went home. We'll go pick Jamin up from work and call it a day.

©2008 D.R.G.

Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Moms of Many - Exercise challenge!

(My laptop died this a.m. pray for it and for my attitude! I'm ready to skillet something - maybe a few computers). I managed to grab one of the children's computers to graphic. LOL

I did make it to the gym 5 times last week! Yes. That qualifies as "most days of the week". I did 60 min each day.....and really pushed for lots of calories burned on most of those days. That translates to 40 min on the ARC and 20 on the bike instead of the other way around. ::snort::

I've started charting my exercise/food intake using a points system and spreadsheet sent by Diane, a friend. It does the same thing as my food journal but I was tired of the time it took to notebook, the sameness and the reams of paper - a page a day. This worked well. It certainly made me conscious of being sure to eat 6 small meals a day. LOL I lost 2 lbs this week...of course they are the two I gained the week before but hey - they are gone. LOL I need to switch things up now and again to fight boredom.

On with a new week. To hear from more participants go here (I'll post this week's link when it is up). LOL
©2008 D.R.G.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sundays are always full. Today we had two services (typical). The boys had a Chick Fil A blow out at the lake (atypical).

Josiah came over at the end of the evening and we enjoyed watermelon and ice cream. They tried tubing for the first time and so had many stories to tell us. I think one needs to wear TIGHT pants when indulging in this sport. ::snort:: Jamin and Jared went to spend the night at Cy's.

It's been a full day. I was thrilled to capture a few moments with 7 children at home...and I'm dreaming of August when for a brief span of time we'll have all 9 together in the CO mountains.

I have photos from Sat night - but they'll have to wait another day, I'm too tired to deal with loading them tonight. LOL

©2008 D.R.G.

Another Zanderism and One from Stacia

We have a lovely dog - Beatrix. She's 17 years old. We can't stand the idea of her aging - but she is. Mike has talked to the older boys to warn them of what may be approaching.

She is a pound puppy. We were told we were too rowdy of a family for her - but Josiah fell in love with HER at the pound. So we tried. She's been a GREAT family dog. She had been abused and has a crooked leg. The last few days she is having visible trouble moving, walking etc.

I told Zander, "Bea is a very old lady. She's over 100 years old in dog years." He looked at me and said, "Bea's an old lady? Huh - then whys her hair black instead of BLUE?" ::snort::

One more? This is from Stacia. She is opinionated. She is vocal. She has determined that if Krista (20 yo) is Zander's lover than Bre (23 yo) is HER lover. Today during an innocent conversation she told Miss Joyce, "I have a lover on a plane. Do you LUF my lover?" Joyce said, "oh my, where does she get these ideas?" and I told her we may not want to know what else Stacia was saying. LOL

Stacia has begun talking this week about her Bama and Bampa Plane (Grandman and Grandpa) and her Be (Bre) Plane and Krista Plane.

©2008 D.R.G.

Jamin/Jamir's First Published Newspaper Article.....
Feel free to click here and read Jamin's first article for the paper. Comments are welcome as well. LOL

Jamin says Jamir may make a nice pen name...though it was his last name we had worried about publishing. ::snort::
©2008 D.R.G.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


We've been running most the day. The highlight of the day, by a long shot, was watching Jared stretch as a leader. Jared, our 14 yo, has been working hard on a CAP project for the past few weeks. The local squadron had a rocket demonstration at a school around the block from us. The cadets earn rocketry badges by taking tests, building rockets and such. Today the plan was to demonstrate their models and to provide material for others to make paper rockets. They expected 20 - 30 people.

That all changed when Jamin advertised it in the paper. What a blast when they had over 100 people show up. They were busy all day showing kids how to make paper rockets.
Jared helps Zander and Nolan make a rocket.
Cody helps the boys attach fins
Then it was time to launch! I had been thinking we could make paper rockets at home and have a great time with this. No motors are needed to launch these....but this air tank and pipe contraption was a bit more involved than I had imagined. I'm not sure how to make one. I'll have to search the internet.
A cool thing happened because of the notice in the paper. A gentlemen from the National Association of Rocketry showed up. What a fun man. He gave the squadron one rocket kit. He asked to meet Jared (as he was the organizer) and gave him a rocket kit too. BUT they were nothing like THIS rocket. Can you believe this thing? It's TALLLLLLL.....and has a huge parachute that comes out of it.
This was the start of our busy day. I must go to bed now and try to post more photos tomorrow.....
©2008 D.R.G.