Thursday, March 08, 2007

Last Adventures of the Day....

Josiah treated us all to Mr. Gatti's and tokens....when he realized his dream of a turkey dinner had been torpedoed.

I had Stacia and Zander on the carousel ride. Zander was showing off (he was warned). He was riding backwards and saying, "See, Stacia, I can ride backwards". He fell off his horse. His foot got stuck and he was dragged around the little carousel. He was screaming, I was chasing him and laughing, Stacia was saying "whoa, whoa". I didn't have the camera. The big boys want to take a video camera and try it again.

Oh yes...yesterday, when I was to sick to chase her, Stacia decided she hates her diapers. Cloth or disposable, I can't keep them on her. I've duct taped the thing and she STILL gets it off.

Dad's Surgery

He's recovering. He had a tough time of it. He's actually had several blood transfusions today and is now on a machine that pumps the blood out of his wounds, cleans it, mixes it with something or other and pumps it back in. They say he has totally new blood as of this afternoon. Seems the PCM made a "mistake" and had Dad taking percadan or something with aspirin in it and you aren't supposed to take that for a period of time before surgery. Two hour surgery took 3 1/2....1-2 hour recovery was 5 1/2.....I did talk to him.


I'm in the middle of cooking a turkey. I walked by the kitchen and heard a "pop" maybe one of the boys had shot off a nerf rocket....then all the lights from the oven went out. It won't turn on, nothing. The stove top elements still work.

Now what? First, we may have to eat out regardless of my new "don't eat out" policy. Second, I'll call and see if the by some twist of "fate" appliances are covered on our home warranty policy. Third, I better figure out if you can interupt cooking a turkey and finish it later.....