Saturday, November 11, 2017

Horses and Sleds

We've heard there's a bear in the neighborhood - we've not seen one. We've heard wolves. We've had lots of moose and ptarmigan in the our yard.  However, this is a new one! 

 As I was talking with Mom on the phone, this guy came into our yard. Michael was at men's meeting - meaning I had no car - it was snowy and I didn't want to drive someone else's car.  I am not a horse person. I love them, but had no clue how to get him to STAY until we could find his owner. 

Cory is a horse whisperer and kept him calm and in the yard for over an hour. 

I ran around the neighborhood, in my pj's, trying to figure out where the hose came from. I'm not sure I've shared about the neighbor who answers the door without pants. I avoided his door.  I found another one in a skimpy robe. I was getting a bit perplexed about what to do, when I stopped at a house I've been admiring. Jim, who answers the door fully clothed,  had me jump in his car and we drove all over.....horses everywhere....we drove up  to trailheads, and up and down horse person sending us to a next. I called Animal Control as someone said owners often call there when their livestock get out. Alas, the horse eventually left us....but it looks like he had a clear idea where he was going. Jim tracked him for a bit. 

It was a great way to meet a new neighbor.

The kids declared there was enough snow to try sledding in the yard. 

Before this stunt, he had a foot on two different sleds - it didn't end well. 

It was a great day! What a blessing to be settling into this community.