Monday, March 26, 2007


I had two jobs to take care of FIRST today - figure out the invoices etc for Shop Natural co-op tonight and pay bills. Mike had one job to do first - file our AK PFD's. I was ready to run the mortgage to the bank, checked the clock and it was 4:55 - had to meet the truck at 5:15. Mike is still working on PFD's, as the website isn't working so we can't file online. He had to go buy paper so he can print out forms....THAT'S the way the day has gone.

Co-op is pretty much over, except for 10lbs of dates that have no home, I need to put food away and then um....who KNOWS.

I planned on spending the afternoon packing. I think I'll have to do that first thing tomorrow a.m. I need to figure out some budget things before a PAC meeting tomorrow a.m. Jamin planned menus and made lists etc for food for the trip. What a help - I'm supposed to find time to double check everything...we'll see if it happens.

We'll be out of touch for a few days - don't worry about us.