Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Blessed Child" by Ted Dekker & Bill Bright

What would it be like if we saw the power of God move in OUR culture as it did in Biblical times? Caleb, raised in seclusion in an Ethiopian Monastery is about to show the world what simple faith looks like.

"A Man Called Blessed" by Ted Dekker & Bill Bright

In this sequel to Blessed Child, Caleb is a young man and struggling with the reality of his faith. This book is set in the struggle of the middle east for dominance in the region. It involves a search for the Ark of the Covenant - and I found it to raise intriguing thoughts as well as being a good book.

I was introduced to Ted Dekker last year when I read a couple of his Heaven books. I loved them. I then read "House" and wasn't so sure. I've not ventured into Blink, Three etc....but I got these from Paperback Swap (link in sidebar) and finally got around to reading them. They are wonderful. I was going to put them back on PBS, but the girls would like to read them. I'll ship them off this week. Maybe they'll bring them back at Christmas and I can list them. LOL

Oh yeah, these are part of my Fall Reading Challenge, but I've not got around to posting about that yet. I'm a bit out of order. LOL