Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Passed with Ease

FMO showed up at 0715 to pick up our loaner furniture and appliances.

Nolan had his final appointment with flight med at 0735...we're praying about all the pieces which  need to fall into place to get him a referral in CA before he is out of meds. The meds are tightly controlled.

I had an appointment for a dental cleaning at 0930 but after Nolan's appointment we went up to see if they could work me in. They'd had two cancellations already and I was in and out before 0915.

We all headed over to the house to do a final cleaning.  NOW - here's the irony - when we were in Korea, Michael made all the final inspection appointments and he paid for cleaning. What a gift he gave me. For weeks he has said, "De'Etta we're paying for someone to do that." Today, HE was busy cleaning floors and *I* said, "Mike, I thought this is what we were paying for." I suspect we are just psycho! ::snort::

Our final inspection was a breeze.  Usually your landlord shows up with a cash refund for the rent you've paid. She contacts all the utilities companies and they show up with a final bill, you pay them yen/cash, they stamp your checklist sheet and you're done.   I feared we'd get nothing back from our deposit and have to use this months rent for damage as well. It appears our standards are a bit higher than norm? In our case, Ms. Koishi was the last to show up and we'd already paid everyone. She was in the mood to chat - and that is always fine with us.  She finally looked at the gouge in the floor, walked around the downstairs, told me to throw out our entry mat and gave us all our money back!!! She didn't even look upstairs or dock us for the small patch (6 -9 inches) of ruined wall paper  - which she'd seen previously.

Our garbage man made me cry. As he was leaving he bowed low, spread his arms wide and said, "Nice to have known you." I teared up and bowed.

If you're looking for us at the Inn - look for the flip flops! ::snort:: Not sure what the next stop will be for them!

We had dinner at Papa Genos with Akikosan. After dinner the gals did sticky pics and the guys played in the arcade. A fun night for all of us.  Akikosan summed up what I've been feeling all day, "It seems it all went so quickly!"

Check out the dessert on the left! It's in honor of Tokyo Sky Tower...which is 634 meters high. This is 63.4 cm tall...jello, cornflakes, whipped cream, ice cream, fruit..topped with an ice cream cone and pixie stick.

I can't scan in our sticky pics...but it was a lot of fun. Akikosan has a couple on her phone and will email them to they are adding final touches.

I'm not sure how we kept the boys from discovering these until tonight - but it's probably good for the budget that it was a late discovery. These are PODs -  Panoramic Omni Displays. A person sits in them and has action all the way around them and above them. The seats vibrate and move. You actually play with eight other players from various stores and the Internet at the same time. 

Zander is getting ready for his next round (and has many new ideas for the game he is creating). 

We really and truly are moving.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...