Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Rest of the Day

After school and Japanese, Stacia and I raced across to the next town for sewing club. Oy vey - the stories we have to tell if we weren't so tired.  I didn't take a single photo.  We eventually got the front and backs of her PJ's sewn together, the inside seam has been sewn twice for reinforcement,  and we'll get the outside seams done before next week.

In an effort to conserve gas, we decided to go grocery shopping. Walmart is also in the next town over. For the third week in a row they were out of all Great Value frozen veggies....we'll grow our own next year...if the moose will leave us alone to grow and harvest.

We got home late. I'd planned an easy dinner. The boys had burritos ready to put in the oven and rice in the rice steamer. 

Meanwhile, Michael sorted through the mish-mash of recycling. The local center has about 12 categories they want it sorted into. Now that we KNOW, we'll get rid of this and then sort into containers so we NEVER  have to sort through a trailer full of "stuff" again. Nolan and Cory did it last month. They went to Eagle River and we thought Valley Recycling might be different.

Arielle must have needed a study break while we were gone. This is Alex when we left. She's gotten good at this.

A cut and a beard trim...handy skills to have.  I'm so pleased to see the new Alex. 

Mornings are for MOOSE - 6 in October

After taking mountain photos, it's time to scan our yard. The little post at the right of this photo was a corner of a horse pasture.....we've not tilled it under yet. We see lots of evidence the wildlife like the wooded acre in the back. Because the horse pasture is growing wild, it is bringing them closer to the house. 

I don't think these are the same two moose we've seen before. One is a bit smaller than the other - the other two were the same size. The biggest was a bit more aggressive - note her ears and stance.

I don't mind them eating the brush pile and weeds in the old horse pasture....but I'm not so sure about stripping the leaves off the trees. 

Season's Changing

I often snap a photo or two to start the day. We have received word MEA will be out to cut the brush and trees along their right away.  This view should be changing shortly.....we'll see more of the mountain but may have significantly less color.....because of the season and because trees are sure to be much shorter. 

See the power lines? They have said they'll be cutting all brush and trees that are near power lines. I suspect it's been some years since they were out here.

Speaking of seasons - we had a HEAVY WIND on result is bare trees. 
All the leaves from the tire swing tree are gone....
We are starting to see a house across the street

I expect we'll soon be able to see the neighbors on either side of us and maybe even the neighbors behind us......