Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The elliptical machine at the gym has a "range" between which one is to keep their heart rate. The problem? One end is fat burning and the other end is cardio. This doesn't make sense to me.  If I work out LESS intensely, I burn MORE fat...but Mike occupied my brain as we worked out by giving me a lesson on aerobic and anaerobic....

Here's the thing that really makes me go hmmm. My workout range was 114 (fat burning) - 144 (cardio). I got on, it took my heart rate, and my heart rate was at 117. Since 114 is my fat burning goal...this tells me I'm a fat burning machine and have no need to work heart is ALWAYS in the fat burning range, right?

Kathy, maybe Tim could solve this conundrum.
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I began the day with finalizing the United Order and calling in Friday's produce order. (Well, that was AFTER my 90 Day reading - I'm in Job now. )

I had just enough time to meet a friend for lunch. Hey, Heather! It was fun; we need to do that more often. I had a salad that was GREAT.....I guess I don't need to say more. ::snort::

We finally decided to move on from China; we've been there 2 weeks longer than scheduled.  I decided we'd move on to the Mayans and continue our projects as we can. I'm currently trying to decide if I should let Arielle read "The Well of Sacrifice" by Chris Eboch. Have any of you used/read this book? Jared says it has "graphic" parts about human sacrifice and bloodletting. I think I'll have to pre-read this.

After a couple of hours of school, Stacia, Arielle and I headed for base. I needed to sign a piece of paper at the chapel, and then we planned to hit the family fitness room at the base gym. Stacia fell asleep on the way up there....but she was happy to wake up and play.

We had steak for dinner. ::snort::
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