Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick Jared Update

Jared has been moved to the ICU (this is a good step), his heart rate was stabilizing last I heard and his fever was going down - 104. The Dr on this shift did not feel we need to fly home. He said he's a "Sick dude, but in the right place." We will see what the morning in TX brings and make decisions then.

 This is all good....and yes, I don't much like being this far away...but he's got some great brothers and surrogates there....we trust them all to keep us informed and let us know if the Doc is downplaying....

Another prayer request the boys  moving....Jamin will now be at a Regional Race and Jared is out of commission. This is a lot to fall on Josiah...though he's a great Cuya!
Jared on a happier day with Gov. Perry and Jamin

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

"Tell Mom..."

I'm flying again in 5 days. Of course, we all began to remember my recent trips and wonder what would happen this time....then prayed it through and shook off the feeling. 

Jared has been sick.  He emailed on Sunday it was the first time for him to be sick without me nearby to take care of him - and I thought of  buying a ticket.  He went to the college clinic days ago and they said,  "You have some sort of infection. Take these and wait a couple of days." 

Yesterday, Josiah took him the UCC as his fever was 102. They gave him meds and told him he had an infection. Last night Michael and I couldn't sleep and saw Jared had said he had a 104.5 fever. Kept praying.

Josiah got home from work and found Jared's fever was 106. He took him to the ER. He called our family friends,Steve and Debbie, and they met them at the hospital.  Debbie works at the base's clinic and knows the tri-care/med procedures well.

She, Josiah and Shelby just called. The doctor has admitted him. He will be in at least 3 days. He is getting breathing treatments. He has pneumonia.  The official word is he's, "One sick boy." The message we received is we will need to fly home to "make decisions"  if he isn't improving within 24 hours.  I expect him to improve!

Josiah just messaged to send me this photo. He was getting treatments and his heart rate was over 200...and he had a message for Mom.

He doesn't appreciate tubes in his nose

"Tell Mom I'm wearing clean underwear."

They are settling him into a room. I waited on hold for over 37 min and then decided to leave my number for them to call if anything changes. They're busy.

Specific Prayer Requests: 

  • Jared's fever and symptoms respond to the meds
  • Jared is at peace about work and missing classes
  • We're at peace that God has this - though we're here

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Ringo (Apple) Adventure

Christie talked about the Apple Man last year. Dawn and Deb talked about the Apple Man at lunch a couple of Sundays ago. Dawn brought us some apples on Saturday.... and today....after running back to base for Arielle's retainer..... she and I went on an Apple Scouting Adventure.....

We knew it was "right by the train tracks." We drove down to the station and took each road that crossed the tracks. I thought Christie had said there was an apple on the building. I told Arielle I didn't want to resort to knocking on doors and asking for apples. 

Finally.....I spotted these as I swerved around a parked truck....looked promising. 

Apples have been expensive at the commissary. $8 - $9 for a small bag with about 6 apples in them.  They've also been dry and leathery. We LIVE in the middle of apple growing country....we parked and walked back. We could see the apple as the other vehicles had left. 

The Apple Man came out with a knife and sliced and diced all sorts for us to try. I picked some really SWEET, CRISP, JUICY ones. I laughed when he wrapped up the apple he'd cut and put it back in our box. 

Arielle has missed being able to bite into an apple....we both grabbed one and indulged on the way home. We were smiling big, enjoying our apples, when we looked up and saw a fellow driver watching us and laughing. It made his day to see our delight in the local apples. 

I purchased the mid-priced apples....Y1600 ($20.58) and got 56 apples. That's a savings of approximately $43-$61 on this amount of apples.  I'm happy. Maybe you have to live here and know how expensive produce is to appreciate this post. LOL 

Who says eating healthy in Japan will cost your entire COLA? 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...