Monday, May 14, 2007

Today - while it is still today

I had a PLAN but nothing went as planned.

Mike forgot his boots - and one can't change into their uniform after PT without BOOTS. I ran to my bank to deposit some checks. Ran to the base to deliver boots and deposit some funds into the chapel account. I then turned in paperwork from our Ladies Luncheon. I had the 4 little ones with me. At the bank I was told that someone had checked my balance inquiry and tried to withdraw money with my debit card - in NC. I cancelled it. We went to the BX and bought tape (to affix photos onto the display) and picture frames.

Came home planning lunch and then work on board. Ended up taking Jamin, Nolan and Zander to Chick Fil A - as noted below. Went to pick Cy up from work. Began scrapping. What a MESS - this house is too small for these sorts of projects. No room for dinner as the kitchen was taken over with STUFF. We decided a celebration for Jamin's 1st job was in order. Went to Mr G's. Back at home Mike took all the kids to play softball. I worked on project.

I forgot to call my doc about going to get another urine culture...tomorrow. Oh - did some school too.

Scrapbook Therapy

A dear, wise friend, Melanie, suggested that I needed some scrapbook therapy. The idea is that I needed to fill my mind and surround myself with pleasant, happy memories. It works! (Once you get over all your pens being dried out, the blades to your cutter being missing, and the baby spilling milk on the prints). ::snort::

We printed out digital photos for Cy's graduation table last night and this a.m. (had to go buy new ink and paper as our cartridge had dried out since the last use LOL). I planned to pull photos from the albums too....but it quickly became apparent that I had WAAAY to many photos for the board....Josiah suggested I throw the 40 - 50 that I couldn't fit on the board on the table in front of the board...we compromised with getting a sleeve type album and putting that on the table. LOL

At one point, I seriously considered doing something "scrappy" with the contact sheets and calling it good. ::snort::
Ideas began to gel. I cut out titles and let myself be a bit scrappy on them. Overall, I refrained from froofy....not Cy's style at all. {g}

Here's the nearly finished product. I still need to take photos of our CURRENT home for the bottom left side....I also need to buy a gold gel pen to write labels of towns for the "homes" section. I may put some do dads in some of the blank spaces.


A moment of pure mama braggin! Josiah had told Jamin if he was going to apply for a job, he needed to do it now. Zander, Nolan, and I drove Jamin to Chick Fil A to turn in an application. We were told that if Tim O was going to interview him it would be 45 minutes. His interviews are quick for those he doesn't plan on hiring. So......we bought an Oreo Shake (to split) and sat down for the wait....... In less than 5 minutes Jamin was following Tim O into the back room and setting up his first day. Jamin has his first job. He really debated about this because school is very important to him, but he's also trying to earn money to get to World View Academy in the fall.

Jared went out this afternoon to scare up a few lawns to mow. This is a hard way to earn money - it's hot! He also does windows. Jamin discovered that you walk an hour or two to find one lawn to mow...though by the end of the summer Jamin was getting calls back. Jared found another lawn to do! Every $20 will help.....I'm very proud of him for being willing to work for World View Academy and not expecting us to pay for it....though I considered paying because I REALLY want them to go! ::snort:: When Jared got home and counted his fist of $ bills he realized the man had overpaid him $1. He is on his way BACK to the house to give the man his dollar back. I'm a proud mama today!

AND...Josiah brought me a yummy Chick Fil A brownie home from work....

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More Mother's Day

These arrived today - thanks Mom and Dad. It appears that the florist's computer died. He couldn't retreive orders until someone came in today who could show him how????? Anyway - thanks. They are beautiful.

A package arrived from Mike's parents. They sent a darling little mobile for the new baby.