Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photobucket The Day

~Mike took Josiah to the airport at 6 a.m.

~Mike went back to bed and then fielded phone calls for a couple of hours. ::snort:: We realized today that when ALL the kids are out of our home we will be on the phone all day on Mother's Day and Father's Day. He heard for children in Boston, NYC, and WA.

~We went to lunch - Mike's choice.

~Mike cut Nolan's hair (he won't let me near him after my last episode)
~I cut Zander and Stacia's hair.

~Military Mohawk ::snort::

~The kids played Settlers of Catan and watched Ben Hur.
~We went to church.

~We talked with Mom and Dad....and then Jamin slipped us a note that said the fridge and freezer weren't working.

When I was pregnant with Jared our fridge died. We did NOT have the $ to replace it. I made lots of jokes about being an MK and knowing how to live without a fridge. We were assistant pastors at a little church in Hardin, MT. The church got together and bought us an 18 cubic feet fridge. THAT is the fridge that gave up; after 14 years.

We cleaned the fridge. Mike began looking at ads. TOMORROW our monthly United order comes in. I'll have two cases of yogurt, a case of raw cheese, freezer items.....ugh. We located all the coolers and began to make plans.

As we cleaned Jamin teased me about the possibility of pregnancy as these sorts of calamities seem to happen when I'm pregnant.

I was washing a glass shelf and it EXPLODED.....I mean SHATTERED. I had glass in my hair, I was covered. We thought about it and the only way anyone could come up with to free me of glass was for me to take a shower - clothed. That's the first time I've done that since we used to bathe at the town pump in the Philippines. ::snort:: In the shower, I realized I was covered with little knicks.
Mike vacuumed and cleaned the glass in the kitchen. I now had glass all over the bathroom to clean.
The boys took wilted veggies to the compost. Which was full because of yard work yesterday. As Jared was loading stuff into the composter a cauliflower fell out of the tree and landed on his foot. ::snort:: He looked around and thought, "that's wierd". He kept working and then was beaned with a flying head of Romaine. BOYS! ::snort:: He finally figured it out. Jamin said it was "hippie warfar" - veggie weapons.
Jared is happy to have discovered a new reading niche - the old fridge? It's clean.

Tomorrow I need to find a new fridge, meet a United truck, do school, write an article for HSBA....

Jamin just found glass in the window sill....