Monday, January 07, 2019

Gherkins are on the Move

This happened last night. Jared is sharing with Roscoe he will be the man of the house while he is in Juneau. In an amazing turn of events, Jared has left his job as a community director and is working in our Governor's office. He's in Juneau to work in the upcoming session. 
Sweet Photo via Jared's Facebook page

Krista will leave Alaska today. We cleared our schedules completely so we could enjoy the long day together. Nolan headed to work at 0500, but the rest of us enjoyed Dutch Babies for breakfast. 

Krista and Michael enjoyed a leisurely visit while the rest of us got the "routine" things taken care of. Krista packed. We all sat down for a few rounds of Farkle - right in the middle of the day! Alex rolled a 6,700 roll. It was his first roll - a very quick game. LOL 

Benny was happy to help with score

Nolan and Arielle came home from work and we talked a bit more. "We" decided we to re-pack the salmon Krista was taking back to VA.
Michael is a master packer

Benny seized the opportunity to jump into Krista's duffel. 

Then it was time to pack into the truck and head to Anchorage. We stopped by BreZaak's on our way out of town so Krista could say goodbye to Bre. 
 6 Gherkins, a military duffel bag, back pack, and 7 doz eggs. It was a tight fit.

Our first stop was Ash and Karen's to deliver the 7 dozen eggs. They buy lots of eggs from us. We let them  know when we will be in town, and bring in the eggs we have to sell. They live quite a ways from our home in the Valley. 

We decided on TGIF - Fridays for dinner. Everyone seemed to like their meals. Mine was a veggie burger which looked so real I could hardly eat it. The waitress said that's a common reaction. They soak it in beet juice and it looks like a very rare burger. 

Finally, we dropped Krista at the airport. I watched her heft the giant duffel onto her back, grab her backpack and head off.... we will spend a lot of time saying hello and goodbye to this one. 
She made it to her gate
Jared is on the ground and running in Juneau. Krista will fly through the night and arrive in VA late Tuesday afternoon.  The Valley feels bigger today, a little more empty. My mind goes back to Alicia saying, "Everywhere is a plane ride," as we waited for our daughters to land a few weeks ago, and discussed her senior's plans.  It seems once one accepts they live in Alaska and to go anywhere will require flying.... the world seems smaller....

I must be putting down roots in Alaska and morphing into an Alaskan. I get it. It doesn't matter much if the flight is to Juneau or Virginia.  It's all a simple plane ride. Not so very far at all. We are excited and content to watch from our place in Alaska as the kids pursue their God-given dreams.