Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thankful Thursday

~I still didn't dare to go biking.... thankful that I still have an old step video...I'm actually finding it fun to think that the last time I really used this video my 13 yo was the baby around my ankles. ::snort::

~I received TWO cards from Mike today. I love getting his letters and cards. This is the THIRD birthday card you've sent, Mike...are you hinting at something???? LOL

~I had to cancel produce co-op for the week. 1. HEB hadn't had a produce truck because of the ice, and 2. I didn't want to HAVE to leave home tomorrow as we are expecting another ice storm tonight. I was thankful that all were so understanding.

~I'm thankful that my friend, Adrienne, and her children did not stand us up today! ::snort:: Since we were not having produce co-op tomorrow she had to come to this side of town today to buy some produce. She called to see if I needed anything at the grocery store. I'm thankful I did not have to bundle everyone up to go buy milk and produce. What a friend! She also brought her grain mill over so that I could grind a week's worth of wheat. I'm thankful I didn't have to buy flour. ::Snort::

~I'm thankful I lost a lb last week - despite the yummy organic no bake cookies.

~I'm thankful Stacia's last "i" tooth is in....o.k. is it eye teeth, i tooth, canine tooth - whatever - it's popping through!

~I'm thankful we ate all our celery last week and there will be NO celery this week - because I'm sure not buying it! ::snort::

Unusual TX Sighting - snowman

*Note it took ALL the snow in the yard to make this little guy! LOL