Friday, August 19, 2022

Pizza and Games

We used to have people over fairly regularly (weekly) for pizza and games...we retired, covid hit, our family got a bit chaotic and out of the norm....we seemed to make people uncomfortable...and we pulled back to focus on some things on the home-front. Which I think was good. BUT, it's time. We've been having people over again. 

Pastor and his family came over tonight for pizza and games. What I LOVED about this evening is we all sat around and played TOGETHER...adults, youth and kids...

First, however, they had to run the Millie gauntlet. We have tried and tried to train Millie to calmly welcome guests. She doesn't seem to get it. She gets WILD, but usually settles down fairly quickly. She was fine tonight once she sniffed everyone. 

CyRi dropped Livie off so they could attend a concert her father was in at the Fairgrounds. She and Shannon and Lindsey's girls enjoy spending time together, so it worked well.  We played HeadBandz.

Liv, Sidney and Pen in the corner

Allie, Stacia, Harper, Liv, Sidney, Penelope

We took a quick break from playing games to watch Michael wrestle with the ice cream cake. LOL 
Michael, Pen, Sid, Lindsey, Harper, Allie, Liv

We all got involved playing Apples to Apples. It turned out to work well for our varied ages. Dad didn't play, but he sat and enjoyed the activity.  It's amazing how much better he is doing now than he was in July. 

It was a great evening, and we are already discussing whom to invite over next Friday.  It was good to re-establish an old favorite and we loved spending time playing with Shannon, Lindsey and their girls. 
Some flowers I GREW.