Monday, May 09, 2011

A New Home on the Coast

Our first day of our truly FAMILY vacation. We started the day with our free breakfast....then some wanted one last swim. 

I included this photo as I found it fun to sit poolside and watch the trucks at Rexius move sawdust. My Dad put himself through college and then worked off and on at Rexius for years. 

Jamin, Nolan, Zander, and Arielle play Marco Polo

Mini-me was very sad this a.m. to leave the Hampton. I think she camps like I do. ::snort::  Believe it or not, the hotel employees seemed sad to say goodbye to us too. They enjoyed watching our family grow day by day. I checked in the first night alone, then added the girls, then Mike and the younger ones, then finally Josiah and Jamin.....

Jared and Josiah decide to catch up and watch the others

The estimate for the trailer repairs was done this morning instead of at 4:00 p.m. YES. Dad and Michael went over there  and then to Les Schawb. If we can find the tire receipt they will pay the $2,000.00 damage caused by the tire blowing out.  Here the men repack the van.

Krista, Arielle and I drove up in Krista's car. We did some PWOC shopping and some GROCERY shopping. The others headed for Depoe Bay .

A think of beauty - PINK LADY apples - and .88 a LB and not $1.09 EACH. 

Last time I bought bananas in the commissary they were $1.19 a lb

We spent the evening settling in to the home we will stay in until we leave for Seattle to catch a flight home to Japan.

8 Bedrooms....means that Nolan can have his own room... Zander agreed to sleep on a couch...though now he tells me he didn't know it would be so dark and lonely alone. This may not work well. 

I love the dining room - reminds me of our dining room in AK when we had all the kids at home. LOL 

Bedrooms to the left, alcove at the end, game room on the right. If you lean out over the railing and stand on one foot you can see our ocean view. ::snort:: We've discovered that "beach front" in Depoe Bay anywhere is going to be up a cliff and not on a sandy beach.....and our home was a "view" and not a "front" anyway....but it's big, has lots of things we can do if it rains, has laundry and 7 bathrooms and we can all be together. It will work. 

Mom and Dad will join us on Wednesday. We've got your suite waiting for you! 

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...