Saturday, May 26, 2007

When He is Out, He is Out...

One Tired Little Trooper...

Flippy boy

Who Knew?
Krista and Zander on the trampoline....
Who knew Zander could do this?????


We've decided to celebrate all 5 boys' birthdays tomorrow. Their birthdays are Jan 4th, Feb 8, 9, 11, and 20th. They elected not to celebrate while Mike was deployed and we've not gotten around to it YET......SO....tomorrow is contingency Sunday on base. No chapel personnel go in - to see what would happen if all were suddenly deployed.

We're going to open gifts, go out to eat, party, and then take the girls to the airport.

Today Mike, the girls and I went out to lunch. We checked at Lowes for a screen door...didn't buy one. Then the girls and I went shopping for boy's gifts. Mike ended up finishing up as I simply wore out. I came home and rested. He took the girls to more stores.

We had a family memorial service today for our babies. Maybe I'll write more on that later, maybe I won't.

We came home and wrapped gifts.....well the kids and I did. Mike and Jared made butter, ice cream, and then turned that ice cream into an ice cream cake for tomorrow's celebration.

Stacia thinks the toys are all going to be for her....

It looks like Christmas around here....

Spikey Guy

Zander amused us with a story. It seems he has a t-rex (his red trike). It behaves. It is now Stacia's bike.

He has a new green bike that is called Spikey Guy. This Spikey Guy has a "bad attitude". It rides up and down the alley when it is not supposed to and Zander screams "No, don't go out there, Mom doesn't want you riding out here".......but the Spikey Guy just doesn't listen and rides Zander out there anyway.



We went bowling last Sunday with the Chapel RE. The photos are dark but I want to share them anyway.....Melanie's advice to scrap during this time of loss was SO good - but I don't have the energy to sit up and I'm putting photos on the blog. LOL

The base bowling ally has installed love seats and coffee tables...pretty cushy.
Bre and Stacia clap for all