Thursday, December 05, 2019

14 Winter Lessons from an Alaskan Transplant

This Alaskan transplant - raised in the tropics - is learning a few things about winter.

1.  Nose hairs freeze at 3 degrees.
2.  Michael's truck is fun to drive in 4wd.
3.  When opening the library door at 6* one SHOULD WEAR GLOVES.
4.  Chicken latches freeze - chickens don't like not being able to get out.
5.  HOWEVER, once you get the latch open, chickens don't want to come OUT         when it's 6*!

6.  Eggs freeze!
7.  Chickens should be taught to lay eggs in cartons to make it easier for all.
8.  Our chickens have decided it's fun to lay eggs ALL OVER in order to get             more time with US as we search for their eggs. Nesting boxes are blase'.
Michael found all these eggs OUTSIDE the nesting boxes

9.  When stopping in the road to take a photo, one may get stuck in the                        snow....see #2. 
THIS is not where I got stuck - but it was the better photo LOL 

10. Life is much easier if one wears gloves in single digit weather...see #3 and 4.     
11. There are a lot of pieces to remember when getting properly attired for 3*            weather.  Some Alaskans dispense with such wisdom. 
Some Alaskans are CRAZY
Alex insists he is wearing shorts until there 1' of snow

12. Some adults NEED gloves on a string threaded through their coat                          sleeves...see #11.
13. Christmas yard signs don't work well in Alaska. The ground is frozen. I                suppose I'll need to put them up in October next year and leave them up until        spring. 
14. Grandblessings work wonders to stave off winter doldrums. 
Papa ordered a gyroscope - cuz he knew it would entertain the grands

Other news of the day - Kim Sensei likes the new computer for the kids' Japanese classes. She reports the video is much better and the kids say the speed is nicer.

Life Group met after our Thanksgiving break. It seemed like we had been "off" forever. LOL I find that a weekly commitment to host a group of people in our home greatly improves the cleanliness of our home. LOL  We are watching and discussing some video clips from "A City on the Hill" at RightNow media.

Alaska is DROP DOWN DEAD GORGEOUS in the winter! Our little corner of Alaska shines this time of year.

See? There IS sun in Alaska in the winter....11:30 a.m. I love to watch the sun hit the mountains....used to be at 10:00 p.m.  I DO love SEASONS and we certainly do have changes in seasons in Alaska. 

It is TIME to get a winter survival kit in the cars - just in case one runs out of gas, has a flat tire or accident - all things I've done in previous years. Just today Michael's truck said to "check the tire, pressure is low." I got out of the truck, slid around to the other side and noted that, "Yep! That's a tire. Check." 

What do you put in an automobile's winter survival kit? At this point my van's consists of a bag of gravel.