Saturday, December 24, 2016

Practically Perfect

We went searching for an old-fashioned-Christ-centered candlelight service. We knew this is what Mom G would like to attend. Lindsey, invited us to her church's service, it was fairly near where Mom G is staying with Rebecca, and seemed like a good bet.
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It was perfect. We enjoyed an evening of Scripture reading and singing the beautiful old Christmas hymns.

The setting was gorgeous - lots of candles and white lights....

Mom G had told us this was "our year" for Christmas, but things have changed since the declaration. She had mentioned  she wanted to sit around the piano at her home and sing the old Christmas hymns and take communion on Christmas Eve.

There was no communion and we were in a church, rather than her home, but this was as close as we could have found.  It was a nice-sized church, but wasn't crowded, which is also a concern when out and about with the walker.

I'll carry two favorite memories with me from this evening....Mom G, Michael, and family singing  the old favorites. Gustily. Worship crosses all generational lines when each enters in wholeheartedly.

The other memory is rather sacrilegious - but it's MY memory - and I will cherish it.  Our fourteen year old son is rather guarded with his emotions. He's grown up in an Air Force chapel. Some of the hymns have been edited.  As we sang about "oxes and asses" feeding, I noticed a perplexed sort of disgusted look on his face. I leaned over and said, "Donkeys are also called asses."

He dissolved into laughter - covered by the lusty singing of the congregation. It was pure joy to share a Christmas laugh with him during the service.

The Scriptures took us from prophecy to redemption and were a wonderful was to refocus on what truly matters at this time of the year and year round!

We came home and had breakfast for dinner (our Saturday routine) and then settled in to watch "sappy Christmas movies." We couldn't find the ones we wanted on Netflix or Amazon Prime, so we settled for Muppets Christmas Carol, which Jamin hadn't seen for awhile.

Brain Fog Strikes Again

Sometimes things sneak up on you. Sometimes you KNOW they are sneaking up on you but you have no energy, nor time to do a thing about it. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ

I avoid doctors. I do go at least once a year to have labs so my cholesterol and thyroid meds can be refilled.

It took me MONTHS to find a doc in Crescent City that would take Tricare. It took another month to apply, be accepted and schedule an appointment. Michael needed to stay here for doctor's visits and I had to cancel that appointment.

I have had little energy, been incredibly tired, more emotional and forgetful than my norm, my skin is cracked, my nails are splitting, and I've gained 30 lbs in 6 months - since JaRissa's wedding.  Some of you have already put this together.....I claim brain fog and the stress of meeting the needs of several loved ones.

I thought the weight gain, fog and emotions could all be explained away with learning new things about Parkinsons, hitting 50 (I'd been warned I'd gain a bunch of weight all at once around my waist - I am nearing 53 and hadn't gained the weight yet), adjusting to living in Crescent City - I thought I must be doing a lot of EMOTIONAL or STRESS eating.  I've spent a bit of time disappointed with myself and beating myself up over this.

Michael mentioned my eating hadn't changed and I chalked it all up to not having a home gym  - but I didn't gain a ton of weight the first 6 months in the RV.

I ran out of cholesterol meds (thought it was thyroid, but it was cholesterol - brain fog).  I spent free moments in waiting rooms trying to find a doc here that would take Tricare AND would accept new patients.

The medical practice Mom goes too called back after I chatted with them when I took Mom in. They agreed to accept the kids and I and made an immediate appointment for me when I told them I was out of cholesterol meds and nearly out of thyroid meds. I had labs that day and they called with results early the next day. WOW - I'm impressed.

I am anemic.

My cholesterol labs are out of kilter - expected.

My thyroid is out of normal range! Ta duh! The PA said all my symptoms pointed to that and the labs confirmed it, so they are adjusting my dose again.

I feel a bit silly for not figuring it out....but I really haven't been thinking about my health much this year. LOL

The Weeks.....

Rather than attempt daily posts, here are some glimpses into things "other than the wedding," that happened in the last couple of weeks.

It is ALWAYS a joy to have all the Gherkins in one spot. These times are becoming rare as they spread across America (and soon I expect some will venture outside of America).  Currently, WEDDINGS  have provided the chance for gatherings. For this I am truly THANKFUL.

We visited Mom G (and Sherlock), Michael had several therapy appointments, and  I took Mom T to two appointments. At one of her appointments I visited the business office and asked if they would take Tricare. They take a certain number and will call back.  As a side note - there have been 12 appointments in the past 2 weeks....I've spent a life time avoiding doctor's offices and now I'm on first name basis with receptionists, therapists and doctors. ::snort::
Some Sherlock lovin
Elizabeth stopped by one evening and it was fun to see her! 
Nate and Heather's daughter
We played lots of games....

Bella got uncle time....
Jared & Bella 

Jamin and Bella 
 This week has been quieter....I've spent most my free time this week blogging one day. ::snort::  Michael has worked on projects on the motor home - that will be a separate post.

We made time amidst the doctors, visiting and projects to go see Moana at the CHEAP theater. We were surprised that there were recliners - honest to goodness REAL, comfortable recliners in the theater. Seems they are converting - and I suspect it will soon no longer be the CHEAP theater in town. LOL

Jamin has instigated workouts for the Alex and Nolan. He's a trainer/coach at heart - regardless of what his other fancy degrees say. ::snort::

Sunday night, while playing soccer, Krista hurt her knee. We moved this way on Sunday and have been able to insure she keep it elevated and iced the first few days. The doctor confirmed she had sprained her collateral ligament and that it will heal in time. Her Air Force career had flashed before her eyes as her teammates asked why hurt and tried to patch her up.

Add Gherkin sized  cooking to the last couple of weeks and this gives you a fairly good summation of what we've been up to. LOL