Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Photobucket Words a Mother Does Not want to Hear....

At bedtime.....hugs....

Stacia: "Alecks....I AM sorry....I IS!"

Alex: "That's o.k. Stacia." (hug) "And I'm sorry I dipped your head under water."


No Worries - new kiddie pool rules are in affect as of 45 minutes ago!

Photobucket Sights from the past Few Days:

Jared came up with a new way to get Stacia to eat. "Stacia, I'll fall in the pool if you eat that."
How many years of my life will I watch children play monopoly?
Stacia greeted me on Mother's Day with a giant, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" as everyone else groaned. ::snort::


Photobucket A Picture Says it All


Photobucket WooHOO Wednesday!

Today was a bit different in the parade of days.

Three years ago I met a friend at chapel, Charly. Charly moved away. Shortly after Charly moved away Sherri began to attend PWOC. Sherri and Charly are great friends. Lilly and Regan (respective daughters) are great friends. Today they did one of their infamous daughter swaps. Both take off driving and stop in 1 1/2 - 2 hours.......and meet. I was invited to go along. It was fun to see Charly again. Lilly is now home with Charly and Regan for a bit of time.

It was fun to visit with Sherri....and hear more about various assignments we may want to wish for.....Sherri liked Holloman and Colorado Springs.....and I got to see Sherri's home - it's gorgeous....and meet her youngest, Daniel. He's a cutie and quite a talker too.

I got home in time to enjoy a rousing storm, take Jamin to work, fix dinner and get children to bed.

Mike and Jared are out I updated....and I have photos to share.

You know, Kristine (Dorothy, Debbie in N NY...), if I lived in a scenic area like YOU DO - I would have snapped some photos...but it's pretty much FLAT around here....and no mountains. Ask Linda. ::snort:: So this will have to be a boring photoless entry.

Photobucket TUESDAY REAL UPDATE - For friends and family who want to know the details....

I went to the gym.

We did school.

This was the deadline for ordering produce this week. I've restructured the co-op and so we have many new members this week. I was fielding calls and collecting monies all day long.

Had a good talk with a friend.

Last night was our last night of PWOC Bible study for this year. I am praying about a study during the summer aimed at students.....but that's a prayer at this point.

We said goodbye to Harley - which always makes me sad. We have lots of students who come through for a short period of time and then go back to their base..and so she's leaving us.

Josiah began touring apartments and getting quotes. He plans to move out in July.

I took Jamin to get registered for the "residual" ACT - his score will determine his enrollment in dual credit classes at the university.

Friend Debbie brought my meds to me at PWOC after Mike contacted her about the fact that I was out. I'm cared for. I had ordered a refill but never made it up to pick them up. ::Snort:: No, I've not had labs again and don't know that I will for a few months.

That's all we did.


Spend $ to Save $ and TIME

This principle holds true in many ares of our budget.

I run two co-ops so that members (and myself) can buy in bulk and reap the savings that comes from higher volume purchasing.I buy natural/organic food in bulk from United Natural Foods. I have learned to spend 50% of my budget on my monthly co-op order. One month I may buy 50#'s of oats, the next month splurge on a case of cereal - but over the long haul we save big bucks. Our produce co-op allows us to buy produce by cases and again - we reap the savings.

I have a local friend who is a caterer/personal chef. She buys a few things from the restauarnt supplier and offers them to us at cheap prices. you go..... I buy my chicken this way....

You can buy this boneless, skinless HUGE, whole chicken breast in 10# increments of $1.49 a lb. This is my 40 lbs.


What do you do with all that chicken? My family can easily handle 10lbs for dinner. BUT this time I didn't have freezer room for 4 10 lb cubes of frozen chicken. I STILL haven't gotten back to full mega cooking....HOWEVER....after THAWING all this chicken, I hauled out the stock pot and nesco roaster.

I now have THIS in my freezer....ready for Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Divan, Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Salads, .....this saves me a lot of TIME to have the meat ready to use.

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