Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Update from Arielle

A letter from Arielle. 
Greetings earthlings!

This year has been one of many changes and transitions for me. In May, I graduated from high school. I spent the remaining month of May prepping for my move to Oregon to start college. In June, I had the pleasure of spending a week doing a VBS (Vacation Bible School) in Imuris, Mexico. It was amazing to bring smiles and laughter to all the kids! It was also fantastic to see all the friends I'd made the previous year when I had spent five weeks in Imuris. July found me moving up to Oregon then going back to California in August to celebrate my dad's retirement from the Air Force. After a whirlwind visit, I was back in Oregon moving into my new home, starting my first "real" job, and starting my first semester of college! Since then, I've met many amazing people, worked hard, cried hard, laughed hard and learned so many lessons I can't possibly cover all of them here! If I had to pick one thing God has been teaching me, I would have to say the power of joy. Sounds a lil' funny, huh? But it's true! He has shown me how joy can chase away darkness, give life to others, and get me through everything involved with "adulting."

This June, I have the pleasure of going to Imuris Kids Kingdom again with an awesome team! Imuris Kid’s Kingdom is a non-profit orphanage credentialed through Open Bible. They opened their doors fifteen years ago to the children of Mexico. Imuris Kid’s Kingdom normally has around thirty children staying with them. This orphanage is run like a large family. Imuris Kid’s Kingdom is also a community center and a support for the local single moms. The youth that live there are placed there by the government after being taken out of abusive homes or off the streets. Imuris is also unique in that they are one of the few orphanages who gladly take in teenagers. In fact, a large percentage of the children are teenagers. I'll be spending a week there doing another VBS, spreading God's joy and showing God's love to the orphanage and surrounding community. 

And guess what?!? You can get involved too! Prayers are always needed and appreciated. Pray for a safe trip there and back. Pray that all the details will come together. Most of all, pray that lives will be touched and changed by God's love. Another way you can help is through your donations. Money for traveling expenses and supplies would be a huge blessing! Donations can be sent to Lively Stone Fellowship with my name, Arielle Go. (3791 Pattison St Eugene OR 97402T; Tax ID number 90-0345290 donations are tax deductible) We are also collecting cans and bottles!

Thank for your time, prayers and donations!
Arielle Go

Note if you do not know Arielle's last name and would like to send a donation for her, feel free to email me at dschoosingjoy@gmail.com and I'll supply her name. We just don't publish our last name on the blog. 

Bella is One Week Old

Bella turned a week old today. BreZaak sent photos of her first bath! What a cutie! 

Hello, Bright Eyes!