Saturday, January 02, 2016

Moving and Celebrating

The first day of 2016 found us helping BreZaak move and celebrating Jared's 22nd birthday while we were all together. 

Izaak and Bre have been working hard all week and today they thought it would be helpful if we joined them. It took an hour for us to move their stuff over. We've done this a time or two. The new place is a 3 bedroom apartment and gives them much more space - or maybe it's just more usable. Izaak and Dakota painted the room a darling pink/white; a lovely border is up, the crib fun. 

Jamin and Josiah brought things down the stairs.....Nolan and Alex brought them to the new apartment....and we girls moved things into the apartment and up to their rooms etc. It worked well. 

Michael and Jared were going "full court press" in a search for Jared's new car  (a separate post). 


Krista, Arielle, Stacia - part of the inside crew


Nolan and Alex - the movers of things from
apartment to apartment
 We had hoped to go to Jung's Mongolian grill - but they were closed. We tried several other spots and they were also closed. We finally settled at Red Robin.  Jared is 22...time flies.

Hour plus wait

Birthday Sundae

Jared, Nolan and Alex - loved the endless fries

Krista and Michael 

Our Selfie
 Josiah found it humorous that we were taking a selfie....I flipped the view and held it, Michael pushed the button and Josiah laughed. #Relationship Goals - he posted on Facebook. LOL

Jan 2nd - Izaak made a few big pots of Chicken and Dumplings for all of us. Mom and Dad came over, Will and Sherri returned and we watched the disappointing Alamo Bowl. ::sigh::
Izaak makes a mean Chicken and Dumpling

Nolan and Alex bought these for Jared's bday - before
the game seemed the right time to give them to him

We had no idea we would have all the kids gathered together this year for Christmas. House-sitting for Will and Sherri was a blessing. When it came time for the five of us to move over and welcome the three elder boys....Krista and Arielle decided to move over with us too.....We had a great time. BreZaak joined us often.
Frosty morning

Two tables of Nertz

We moved back to the girls' home after the game. We settled in. The boys played Seattle-opoly.

We knew the end of vacation was quickly approaching.