Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Week's Menu

Monday - Shepherd's Pie

Tuesday - YOYO (shamelessly stolen from Kristine - the boys said it fits us better than Encore presentation ::snort::)

Wednesday - Beef Stew with dumplings

Thursday - Chicken Divan

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Oven Fried Chicken


Chapel - It is sooo past time for Zander to be sitting in the service...but I know that he won't respond well if left alone with the boys....but soon Mike will be home. LOL I'm just not supermom and can't handle both he and Stacia at the same time. It's always Stacia that causes us to have to leave. Today, I thought we were going to do o.k. and then she looked back and saw Josiah as an usher...and commenced to summons him...but he wasn't coming....well....I hustled her and Zander out. She loved all the attention dressed in her red Valentines dress. LOL

We rushed out of chapel to get lunch and make it to a graduation meeting. Yep - graduation is 3 months away. I think this is going to be a great group to graduate with...there didn't seem to be the uptight parents and students that we dealt with in our previous support group. Josiah and I were relieved. I'm anxious thinking of all I have to get done...much of it before Mike arrives home to help. I thought a "power point" was a simple slide show to music...but it seems that these guys do voice overs and such....or something. I really wish I could locate a sample of this to watch before I attempt to make one. I'll have to look into that. Heather and her husband did volunteer to help if I get know I'm just tired of feeling like a drain on my friends.

After the meeting Josiah wanted to take me to Coldstone. I didn't KNOW that Coldstone was open. Wow - that's good stuff. They have some sugar free and low fat stuff....but I went for a like it - white chocolate with peanut butter stuff.....but I asked for the smallest they had and was shocked at what I got. I'd been looking at the KID'S waffle bowls evidently. I didn't even eat 1/2 of it - but the little ones at home enjoyed finishing it. I had a nice time out with Josiah.

I realized that my "paper brain" was exploding. I took a chunk out of it and made a second notebook - this one is my "health" notebook and has sections for food log, nutrition, exercise, general info and something else....anyway - I'm getting so much info from the web research on various things and at the class on Fridays that it needed it's own notebook.

Jamin made about 12 pizzas and froze them. YUM.

I called Don about my new leaping screen problem. It only happens when I'm on the internet...he had me remove my cute cursors and a few other things....then we checked and discovered this computer is 248 mb....and just sitting...nothing the was using 262 mb...time for more memory. I guess we know now why it runs so slow. The strange thing is that we bought it the same time we bought the 2nd crashed computer and THAT one didn't run slow. I don't understand computers.

I went out to dinner with Mandy. Her husband got home last night from a 6 week trip and told her it was her turn. She checked into a nice hotel and has the evening and tomorrow to recharge. I was honored that she wanted to go out with me. We went to Red Lobsters and played with play dough - that was fun.... I love the Aztec chicken there and have 1/2 of it safely tucked away for another meal. LOL It was nice to sit and visit with Mandy - I look forward to more times like this in the future.....maybe bubbles next time, Mandy?

It was a full day - and I'm sure beyond a doubt that I got over 1200 calories in today! ::snort::

The boys created a monster by introducing this girl to the trampoline. No, she wasn't jumping...she was walking on it...and rolling around on it....


Bre(21) wore this dress when she was little. Of course, she was 4 when it fit her...but we couldn't find Krista's old dress...which would have been a 2T. even in little girls' clothes have changed...this was NOT a fancy dress back then...just a go to church dress.... Stacia even let me put a clip in her hair...though she isn't to sure about the lace...and keeps tugging at it. You gotta love the combat stance.

Where's the Hot Pockets....

One of my sons greeted me this a.m. with that very question! LOL I guess they'll be gone soon. LOL I suppose we all need a treat once in a while to stay on the wagon.

Summary of the exercise calorie part of class - for Kelly.

~If you weigh more than 150 strive to lose 1 - 2 lbs a week. If you weigh under 150 strive to lose .5 - 1 lb a week.

~Goal is to expend 300 - 500 calories a day in exercise. You want to accumulate a 1800-2400 cal deficit per week due to exercise.

~Be more concerned with fat loss rather than weight loss.

~Concentrate enerrgy towards aerobic/endurance workouts. If resistance training is done, then do circuit resistance training. Stay away from lifting "heavy weights" during the accelerated fat loss phase (heavy weights will stimulate increased appetite - which I need but one thing at a time LOL).

~Keep a log/journal of exercise, measurements and he said to weigh daily (very different than my previous programs and I'm not sure I will) because that will help you see how your body reacts to various foods/activities. That DOES make sense...for instance if you gain 3 lbs every time you eat pizza or lasagna - that would be an indicator not to eat those things often. LOL

~Make exercise fun!

~A deficit of 3500 calories (through nutrition and exercise) in a week will result in a lb lost. So for instance I "should" be eating 2100 to maintain my current weight.....eating 1200-1400 would give me a deficit of at least 4900 calories, add work out sessions to that (I burn approx 400 cal a session) and I have a deficit of lots.....but for ME I will not lose 3 - 5 lbs on this because of my thyroid - I do lose 1 - 2 lbs. LOL And when I ate below 1200 calories a day I only lost 1 lb a month. LOL

Energy (Caloric) Expenditure of Exercise:

Here's the formula - determine the metabolic equivalent intensity (here you need the MET list he handed out - if you want to give me an activity I'll look up the number for you).

Take the METS - subtract 1 (what you need to LIVE) x 3.5 (oxygen) x weight in kilograms* divide by 200 =calories purned per minute x by minutes trained....

So - my 45 min step (6 inch)
8.5 - 1 (7.5) x 3.5 x67 / 200 x 45 = 395.7 per session - the calories change with time and my weight.....

This formula allows me know not what the "average" person burns at the "average" intenisty but what I burn at my weight and intensity and if I do 30 minute or 42 minutes - I can still figure it out.

Jamin and Jared are enjoying this. LOL

*determine your weight in kilograms by taking your weight in lbs and divide by 2.2