Monday, May 22, 2017

Best Monday Ever

Jared dropped us off at the airport bright and early. Thanks, once again, for your gracious hospitality, JaRissa. They loaned us their car, fixed us meals, provided a nice room to land in, played games with us, showed us a bit of Alaska and helped us talk through options. We're excited to join you again shortly. 
Strange man spilling into my seat - SECURITY! 

Mark, our realtor, submitted our offer to the seller's realtor "in writing" this morning as we flew out of Anchorage. 

Our GPS flew with us. It seemed a bit confused when we plugged it in in Seattle. 

We still had a drive in front of us, then we'd meet BreZaak at the hospital and get a glimpse of Gideon, and pick up our three kids, finally settling back into Uchi (RV).
Washing up to see Gideon 
No breathing tubes today. He's down to an IV and a feeding tube.  

Gramps and Granna get to meet Gideon face to face 

On the drive from WA to OR, we received the seller's counter offer. If we are reading the "legalese" correctly, it is very close to our offer.

It's good to be back with Uchi (RV). We've become quite used to living in our tiny space and have mixed feelings about committing our budget and selves to one location.  This has to be one of the best Monday's ever. A safe trip back to our three youngest, meeting Gideon and seeing his improvement, and a counter-offer on a home that looks very good - exciting days.