Thursday, November 30, 2023

November's Snippets

November 11th - Gideon got ahold of Bre's phone cute photos resulted. 

 First power outage of Winter 2023/24...the girls' candle supply comes in handy! 

November 20th 

Game night - Happy Salmon

We bought another 12 chicks this spring as our egg production went so low last year. Our hope was 6 - 12 eggs a day. Low and BEHOLD if those older ladies didn't up their game when the young chicks joined the flock. We are still getting TWO DOZEN eggs a day! 

This is a morning haul and there are typically 1 - 3 eggs at night as well.  And below...check out that egg. A large egg is 2 oz. 

She made a break for it...and led her friends to freedom...we actually let them free range, but it's been so cold they've stayed in the sheltered area. Michael shoveled a path to make it easier for me to get to them and they have decided it's their personal highway. 

Oh NO! We're a matching old couple. 

Noah is introduced to the wonders of Papa's flashlight obsession. 

We'll end the month with sweet photos of Noah, bundled for a winter walk!