Wednesday, April 29, 2009


~ Worked on "things" in the a.m. Fought feelings of panic by reading various list mail. ::snort::

~Had the Realtors tour our home.

~Had a painter come visit and he'll send an estimate.

~Six kids and I went to the circus - more on that and photos tomorrow.

~Made Jamin's Senior Page for SACHSA yearbook- VERY simple...but done.

jamin sr page

~Made Family Page for SACHSA yearbook. I used Shutterfly Studio , a free download recommended by SACHSA, to create the pages.

family page

Yes, I realize our last names are on these...but since Jamin started publishing articles and I linked to them, that train left the station. ::snort:: As I said these are SIMPLE.... I would normally have taken the time to digi SCRAP them...but in this season of life it is good to have them done. The simplicity will remind us of the busy April of 2009.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


We have 2000 lbs that will be shipped ahead of us (though we realize at this point it isn't going nearly as far ahead of us as recommended ::snort::).

The unaccompanied/hold will be delivered to us when we have a house/apartment and could be all we have for a couple of months. The base will loan us furniture, dishes etc until our things arrive. We are told to take the things that will make that wait for our goods easier.


Mike's Uniforms

Clothes (this x7 may use up most the weight)


What else?


9 weeks of school material? or not?

The laptop will go with me, our Bibles and a few books will be tucked into our bags. I plan to be working on photos until the day we board a plane so will have to mail those things to Japan.

I KNOW some of you military spouses are reading....what did you take or do you wish you had taken in your hold baggage? If you're not military and you were living in a foreign country without your things...what things would you want to be sure you have?

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

Going to the Birds

I enjoy the birds outside the dining room window. We now have the pond, in addition to the bird feeder, and we are THE house on the block for our bird friends. I can't identify them...but they are fun to watch.

I've been playing with camera settings, lenses, light to get a sharper picture. Mike figured out my problem right away - shooting through the screen on the window. ::snort:: I guess this is as good as it will get unless I can get outside without scaring them.


I DO know that's a red cardinal on the right.


And this is a dove.



We are still debating if we should get a hot foot for our D70, fix the flash or buy the body of a D 90 (lenses from our D 70 and Nikon SLR would work on it so we wouldn't need to buy the lens). Any camera fiends out there care to give advice?????

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.