Monday, February 26, 2007


They've begun the special a few days early! No enrollment fee ($149).

I'm going in tomorrow at 2:00 to hear the spiel, check out the machines and possibly sign up. I have a free one week coupon but she said it's one offer or another...and the enrollment fee is worth more by far than one week of free trial. ::snort::

I am excited at the idea of some variety in my life...currently I do a 45 minute step board workout 5 days a week.....the idea of having something that will burn nearly as many calories is hopeful!

"Working out is always more fun with a friend" - so if any of your local friends want to come in with me - they welcome could hear the spiel and decide. I have no idea how high pressure they may be - but I'm not high pressure. LOL

Like Mother/Like Daughter....

Arielle was chopping a peanut butter ball to put in her shake and got her finger yesterday goes down as a "near perfect day" rather than a "perfect day".