Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stacia Scores!

I had an "unexpectedly adventurous" day. Know what I mean?

I woke up with enough time to do an hour on the elliptical AND a 25 min walk with rip roaring praise music and Kay Arthur on the iPod. LOL  It began to rain during the walk...but that was fine. I thought I had the morning to myself and was enjoying gesturing and singing along to the music - loudly - when a man and his son rode by on their bikes. They must think American's are silly.

I had a MOPS Pizza Party in the park. I had this in Outlook. I had copied the notes about WHERE it was into Outlook calendar. The sun was out when it was time to leave for base. We took off. We could not find the "airplane" park....I called 3 ladies who I thought might be going to MOPS....and whose number I had in my one KNEW ABOUT THE EVENT. I began to wonder if I'd dreamed up the whole thing...the park didn't exist, no one knew about this...but I was sure I'd received emails. Finally found the park. The airplane has been removed.

I think the gas gauge on our new van does some strange fluctuations. It seemed to be at 1/2 a tank and by the time we left the park was at E but then was up between 1/4 - 1/2 when I reached the gas station. LOL

I parked, got out, couldn't find the gas was on the OTHER side of the van...right behind the driver's seat. I pulled out and around...lady came running out to tell me that the gas station was "one way"....OK....finally ready to fill it up....I did. It overran. I smelled my hand and the ground and it didn't smell like gas. ARGH. I'd just filled the new van with DIESEL....which is what the old van used....this one doesn't. I walked right over to the Pit Stop.

She told me this happens AT LEAST once a week. She guessed I had a Toyota. She says some of their models are gas and some are diesel and folks often do this. She insisted it would take 2 - 3 days to fix it. She went and asked, when I told her the kids were in the car and we live way off base. She said 2 - 3 days - they had appointments.

She was glad I'd not turned it on..but suggested I drive it to the pit stop.  I told her to do that, I'd have to TURN IT ON....I headed over to get kids out of the van.  Five guys followed  and pushed the van to the auto shop. I WISH I'D HAD THE CAMERA. It was funny.  Yes, I noticed the kind smiles and such that were exchanged with our youngest as she got out of the van.

THEN the head mechanic came out and said they'd have it ready in ONE HOUR!!! The lady said, "Oh, 2:30 tomorrow?"

He said, "Today, TODAY."  ::snort::

Meanwhile Jared went to the gym. The other kids and I walked to a Starbucks that isn't a Starbucks and tried a drink called a snow cap. Nice drink.  Turned out fine to have that extra time for a walk and treats.

Post office, BX, Commissary....home.

Dinner out with friends and the onsen...farewells....not my favorite...but it was fitting. Deb was the first one to take me to an onsen....full circle.

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...