Sunday, December 03, 2017

First Sunday in Advent

The first Sunday in Advent found us at our new home church, Matanuska Assembly of God

The kids enjoyed a rousing game of Catan in Stacia's room. 

Michael and I are looking forward to our first advent with grown up children and grand kids around. We kicked off the season with our first Family Sunday Advent Dinner.  Gideon won't be content to watch us eat at the table much longer.
Gideon - 6 1/2 months

Bella - too tired to socialize
Bella - 19 1/2 months
 Benny scores points with Uncle Cy! 
Bennett - 2 weeks old
 Dinner was followed by an Advent Dev by Bre on Week 1 of Advent

Michael read the clue and they were off....

What could it be? A toy to bring back fond memories for the older ones and new delights for the younger ones - a Spirograph!

Stacia and I left in the morning for what was planned to be a one week visit to Mom and Dad. (Did you notice Gumby hanging from the apothecary cabinet? Semper Gumby.)  This guy came to the Moose Pasture to give us a proper send off.