Friday, August 16, 2013

Officially Eight

Before anything else is written - this is Stacia's OFFICIAL Eighth Birthday. This is the day we spend six months of the year counting towards with great accuracy. . . She chose pizza to be delivered and a movie in for the evening. She was ill by the time it arrived....I'm glad we celebrated her birthday with family in TX. I suppose I should get those photos blogged.  Stacia (aka Princess Chatterbox) is a delight and has blessed our family with much joy. From the rough pregnancy to this day she has taught us about choosing joy....thus the name Anastacia Joy (Resurrection Joy). 

I began the day early spending sweet time with Jesus...followed by an hour of unpacking. I then woke up Michael and he, Nolan and I headed for Yuba City. Nolan discovered off base labs really DO draw blood painlessly. He approves. We really liked the dermatologist we saw.

The three of us had lunch at Chipotles and then headed to the base to drop off the first load of Michael's pro gear.

We've been looking for a bed for the girls' room. Arielle has had several ideas but finally settled on a metal loft bed which will give Stacia a bed AND will allow them to utilize the floor space under the bed. We picked it up today.....we knew it would make the "official day" special for Stacia.

 Stacia will be able to store her toys under the bed....currently it seems to be serving as overflow closet space...I was surprised how many kimonos and yukatas these girls collected.... For four years Stacia has slept on a Japanese futon. She is happy to have a mattress and Yuuki claimed the futon.

The rest of us continued to unpack while Michael and Nolan put the bunk together. I lost count at 43 book boxes....and that is not counting the pro gear....and the invoice shows more books in our storage....

Sometime in the day my hand started throbbing...I had burst a blood vessel. Arielle grabbed me ice and then quipped, "Let's take her to ER at least we'll get a break." ::snort::  

Michael is tired of the dangling suicide lighting in the living/dining room.  We aren't going to put a table on the new carpet.... He raised it....

Enjoying our first pizza/movie  night in CA

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...