Thursday, February 03, 2022

Marked by Grace

Michael was patient to wait until dinner to open this box. 
About a year ago JaRissa gave Michael a unique gift. They signed him up for StoryWorth.  Each week Michael received a prompt and wrote in response to the prompt. Of course, those who love Michael best will not be surprised to note most weeks he "tweaked" the prompt before writing.  He also spent a considerable amount of time crafting the stories and editing them. 

He wrote through the winter and spring. Things slowed a bit in the summer. The paced picked up again in the fall and he wrote through another winter. 

The result? "Marked by Grace - the wit and wisdom of ..." The girls both write copiously. It was fun for all to see the writing in PRINT. The quality of these books is really nice. We're impressed. We ordered 10 copies, one for each of the kids. 

Perhaps you've noted the problem with our plan earlier than we did? Yep, we neglected to order a copy for ourselves or extras to share.  I've been told the book contains stories about childhood, never before revealed confessions from said childhood, wisdom from parenting, military life....

I've not read it yet... as soon as one of the girls are done, I'll grab a copy. 

We are currently attempting to decide if we should self-publish or order more copies from StoryWorth. Michael has asked me to read it and tell him if I think it has wider-than-family-appeal.  Feedback I've heard so far is that it has a Patrick McManus flare in spots....and is a fun read. 

Note: I have wanted to get a tattoo for some time...."grace" on my wrist...marked by grace....I leant my tattoo to Michael for his book title as there has been resistance to the idea of me getting a tattoo. I'm terrified of pain anyway. LOL