Sunday, December 15, 2013

TX Gherkin Christmas 2013

We began our last day here in San Angelo at the GAFB chapel. It is always fun to reconnect with those who have retired and stayed at the chapel. 

The adult Gherkins met us at Mr. Gatti's for lunch and games. Steven had to work. 

Shelby blew Josiah away at this game and so he insisted she and Michael play a game. ::snort:: 

The boys tried to win one for me....loved the hand signals

Happy Together

The crowd is growing

Stacia is very intense....she won 250 tickets and loved shopping

Larissa joined us as we  headed over to the movie theater. Staica and I watched Frozen and the rest watched Hobbit. We LOVED FROZEN again - Get this her true love is not a prince or an arrogant's a working man.  The Hobbit is an hour longer than Frozen so Stacia and I got pictures take, bought a couple of gifts for Nolan and Zander and then headed back to the hotel to pick up the gifts we've prepared for the TX Gherkins.

Cy and Shelby hosted us in their lovely apartment. Shelby spoiled us with organic cookies. Steven got off work and joined us....I missed Michael. 

Jared and Larissa - We SCORED! We picked out Larissa's favorite fragrance....

We sorted the ornaments and brought the boys each their ornaments from Gma and Gpa. 

This stinker insisted over and over that all he wanted for Christmas was his two front I took him at his word and got him gnarly teeth. ::snort::  Arielle is dying to get a shot at Larissa's hair. ::snort::

 Stacia got Cy a Cookie Monster hat

Zander thought a puzzle would be the perfect gift for Shelby and Josiah 

Arielle got Jamin Jace and Jared, Willy - perfect and lots of fun to listen to

We got an "Executioner Tie" for Cy - told him to wear it when he's going to fire someone - it has skulls and cross bones on it

Steven loved his t-shirt

Texas Gherkin's Christmas Photo

Shelby is a great hostess. Tonight was thoroughly enjoyable. We made plans for getting all the kids to Oregon for "the wedding."

Michael insists we leave our rooms at 0445 tomorrow....we're packed, showered, and blogged...time to get to bed.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...