Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Bike.....

 Mike bought me a Schwinn Tornado when we were in AK. I didn't get as much use of it as I'd planned. I hadn't taken into account that the road went STRAIGHT UP from our driveway for 1/2 a mile....and the roads all over Eagle River were hilly - more like mountains really. ::snort:: I had planned to haul my bike to Turnagain Arm and ride....Mike had planned for me to RIDE from Eagle River to Turnagain Arm (Darshia, Dody - how far is that?) - about 15 miles to the bike trail and then ride. I never did it.
But today I got to go on a bike ride. I've not been able to do this since discovering I was pregnant because I'm a KLUTZ - pure and simple. Given my prenatal history - I'm not allowed near bikes. A nameless son has been using my bike.....
Today I went to ride. It's a breezy day. It's cool. I'm no longer expecting. My bike looks much like the one above...except mine has a bell and a white basket on the front - picture the old bag in Wizard of Oz. I went to hop on my bike. The kickstand is broken, the basket is gone. ::snort:: Ah well - I didn't really need my ear muffs or mittens any longer....and it wasn't hot enough to NEED water.
I wasn't able to ride 12 - 15 miles - but I rode 7 miles. It was exhilarating. As always - prayers begin when pedals engage. I found myself telling God I'd really like to have raised my babies....but I'll be content to raise the children He has allowed us to raise. It was a good ride. I wondered if I could take my bike in the trailer...then I remembered that we're flying to AK - so this Turnagain dream will have to wait for another when we DRIVE up there. LOL
For those who are wondering how a Pastor's wife goes biking on Sunday...ummm..the joys of the military? ::snort:: Seriously, our RE is over for the summer. Mike is preaching again in the 2:00 and 6:00 we have the a.m. free. Maybe we'll repair my bike - oh NO - we won't - we have to get ready to leave by Friday. It takes a LOT of work to get a family this size on the road.....but we're determined to pull out on Friday. ::snort::