Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friendship Tea Party

TODAY was THE big day! Today was the New Friends Garden Tea Party....except it started raining - our first typhoon is on it's way.  Michael had warned me before he left for the chapel that a pinata wouldn't be a good idea in the rain. ::snort::  Nolan and Arielle were CHAMPS at helping me to execute plan B.

We cleared out our dining room......

No, the table isn't ALWAYS in the kitchen...but it did make things very convenient today. Arielle made cute little sandwiches and cut them in flower shapes.

We moved the big folding table into the dining room....and set it prettily.....

The patio table fit into the dining room and served well for a food table. 

Three of the seven guests - note the PWOC target - aiming for the bull's eye (Could've moved my desk clutter)

All the guests....

The older crowd

Pin the flower on the butterfly....

 Board games....

It really was a great day. Not only did we get to visit with friends....but I got the house clean. ::snort:: Stacia was in 7th heaven. She made two to welcome the guests and talk a bit about friendship, and one when we gave them their tea cups to take home.  Both girls had a few friends over - worked out well. Dawn and Marvie came to visit with me - which worked out WONDERFULLY for me. ::grin::  I discovered Dawn was vegan, which made me happy that I'd made hummus, put out veggie sticks, made the apple bread vegan (coconut oil instead of butter, flax seed and water in place of eggs) and had a bowl of fruit. The boys got to take the old TV into their room and play play station - which they loved. 

We still have a pinata to use on the next non-rainy day. 

We ended out the day with a quick dinner.  I could not believe I stir fried a whole PAN of veggies and ate them over pasta...yum. The kids had the pasta and sauce - no veggies for them. 

Two more chapters in the Gift of the Mikado...we'll finish that by early next week and need to decide what to read next. 

Michael is home....tomorrow will be a busy. 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...