Thursday, September 04, 2008

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They've Driven Me.....

to Color Coded Charts again. ::snort:: I will eventually write about Tuesday and Wednesday.

I finally sat down last night and made a calendar with each family member (though I didn't input much of Mike's schedule) and all the outside activities that we are trying to do. Several things became obvious:

1. The old "one activity per person" rule is simply overwhelming this year.

2. There IS a reason I can't seem to fit a homeschool co-op in - I think we've created our own.

3. We are cutting WAY back - WAAAAAYYYY back!!!!

4. We're in danger of being so well socialized that we'll have no time for academics. (And to think that someone told my son, "homeschoolers have lots of time - they don't do anything." ::snort::)

Not to worry - this happens every year. There are so many WONDERFUL opportunities for homeschoolers to choose from these days that it is easy to bite off far more than I should. We end up sacrificing the style and tone of family LIFE (which includes school). This is our 19th or 20th year of homeschooling. I really need to figure that out because I think I'm close to earning some sort of tenure...and if this is our 20th year of schooling we really should do something amazing and out of the ordinary.....anyway....this is our 19th or 20th year of schooling, I've learned that our character, our tone, our time at HOME is far more important these days than running myself ragged to be at every "great opporunity". Great does not always equate to right or excellent for OUR family. ::snort:: Ohhhhh....I'm about to say it AGAIN! It's all about getting on my knees before God with Mike and figuring out what HE intends for us to do this year and saying NO to the rest of the activities.

I felt better after making the color coded calendar (after I figured out how to print it on ONE sheet instead of six). It helped me to see what could and could not be done. We'll have a family meeting and evalaute it further before the end of the weekend.

HEY - some of you may want a color coded family calendar so grab it and consider it another blogoversary freebie. LOL I found the spreadsheet idea in the files section of SHS....and added columns , activities, names and COLORS!!!

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