Friday, April 29, 2022


Thank God it's FROSTING Day!  Yep, one can only take so much moist, from scratch, chocolate cake and frosting sitting around the house. I am GLAD it's time to assemble and decorate Bella's cake. Last week was just a trial cake - to drive us all crazy with temptation. Just take a look at the huge amounts of buttercream frosting in that pan. 

It turned in to this.  A retro princess cake. 

Before the cake came Bible study with Stacia, followed by a quick run to Freddies for a few supplies. Stacia had just enough time to make all the frosting before we ran out to visit the esthetician. The girls and I got our eyebrows waxed. We've been looking for a place we'd like in Palmer, we found it. In keeping with Michael's car philosophy... I told them I'd start them out with a good set of eyebrows and they could pay to maintain them. ::Snort:: 

Our next stop was the bank and then we were home again. Stacia decorated the cake. Michael worked on a project in the garage. I'm not sure what Allie worked on, I know she asked me a few college questions so I suspect it had to do with the ongoing enrollment process. I made a couple of beds, folded a couple of loads of laundry and ran a load of dishes. Grandpa wanted another nap. 

We had planned to take the girls to Anchorage to spend the night with Krista and take Grandpa out to dinner. Grandpa decided he didn't want to go out. The boys didn't want to go out either. That worked nicely as they stayed home, and I got to ride along. We took the girls to dinner. It was great to catch up with Chaplain N and we know the girls love to spend time with KrUke. Michael and I enjoyed a mini date on the ride home. The girls went out shopping....

Stacia, Krista, Allie 📷by Krista

I've been told shopping makes one hungry for ice cream. LOL