Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Successful Projects

Another day - more projects.

 The boys are busy clearing brush they've previously cut. This is the SE Corner. Note the leaning tree - it's an apple tree which was bowled over by the previous dead tree we removed.....we're hoping, after we harvest the apples, it can be pruned and persuaded to stand up a bit taller....we shall see. 

Look at this! We've FINALLY hit the neighbor's fence...The white is his garden. We discovered, as we cut through the overgrown brush,  the stuff in the middle was bone dry, brittle and dead, with a layer of green on the outside. We're still clearing it all out. It was a camoflauged tinderbox waiting to go up. That'll preach! 

Below is the 3rd garden spot...along this fence.  This is taken from the cleared area under the leaning apple tree.  See the brush to clear out of the spot....it was this thick all over the yard back here.  We would love to reclaim one of the 3 garden spots, but we're not sure which is the best. There are trees planted in each spot....

We're making some progress inside, too. I've not taken pictures as it seems rude to do so, but today Mom G said she thought I'd take a before and after shot...so I did.  ::grin::

 This isn't really a before shot. Mom has spent quite  a bit of time on this corner while I worked in another corner or outside. This morning, we'd already worked our way through one suitcase and lots of stuff on top of it when she mentioned a before shot.

Mom G is a trooper and the three of us are getting it done....an inch at a time. Precious finds and stories amidst the organizing....that pair of brown shoes above are the very shoes Dad G wore on his wedding day. I saved them with her dress and suggested we make a shadow box or some such thing. It sounds like a fun winter project.  
These two NEVER run out of topics of conversations - it's amazing. 
We bagged up a few things for St. Vinnies, we  created a couple of shelves for "old" pictures and two trunks for "1970s and newer" photos. That green trunk in the photo above, held Mom G's most PRIZED discovery for the day - all her Israel pictures and slides!

We all felt good about our accomplishment today. Mom G even found a bag of newborn clothes worn by the three kids. The lovely trunk below houses her childhood toys.

We labeled trunks,  hoping to  ensure her favorite things are easily found and retrieved for winter project days.

Our summer and fall project continues to be to organize, sort and spruce up.