Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Seasonal Race?

We're spending this week establishing new routines. I'm making the kids go to bed a bit earlier and get up earlier. We're eating regular meals. I'm discussing chore rotations for our new home. We've begun a bit of school and we've all started working out again. Michael is in the middle of a base exercise...though it does seem more low key than exercises in Japan. Yes, life is settling into "normal." 

Family circle, games and connecting with friends are our evening norm. 

A few days ago, during my personal private time with Jesus, I was thinking about the seasons changing (it's only 80's now instead of the triple digits of earlier weeks).  As I sat on the patio there was even a nice felt like fall.  As I continued to think and pray I sensed  the season changing spiritually for us, as well.  God is doing something new in our family (and I didn't sense it was just for the 6 of us in CA)....I want to be alert and watchful. I want to join Him in the new season and not assume the new season will  look like past seasons. I also believe there will be a fresh wind of His spirit blowing through our midst.   One thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt - He is faithful, He is good, He is God in each and every season.  

A friend sent this video when I mentioned on Facebook that a new season had arrived. "I will offer thanks for what has been and what's to come." Beautiful song. 

Of course, those who know me are going to laugh right out loud at the next sentence. I began to wonder if "spiritual seasons" are even Biblical. Possibly, a better analogy would be our faith life is a "race."  I came up with many passages to support this line of thinking. Many. It fits my personality better. I like the to win. I get it.   I'm still contemplating...maybe it's a "seasonal race." What are your thoughts? 

I am laughing at how God keeps putting verses in my path about "seasons." I seriously think He likes to play this sort of "game" with me.  Is that heretical?  In any event there is Ecclesiastics which was quoted in a FICTION book I'm reading.  There was a verse yesterday talking about showers of blessings and showers in their seasons (Ezek 34:26).
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I'm reading the Bible chronologically this year and today read  from Zechariah. Zech. 10:1 says, "Ask the Lord for rain..." It jumped off the page. Really, God? Ask for RAIN? I dislike rain. I love the sun. I kept reading...and my mind kept going back to "rain."

I read four more chapters. Did I mention I dislike rain?

"Ask the Lord for rain...."

It IS a new season and I suppose you do have to have rain to get rainbows. I did learn two years ago to Dance in the Rain.  I don't see how rain can be NEW really...have had a lot of rain in the past few years....

 "Ask the Lord for rain..."

It would be o.k. to dance a bit longer in the rain. Well, o.k. I'll ask the Lord for rain when I'm done reading.

And then another nugget in Zech 14:17. Those who refuse to worship the King of Kings, the Lord of Hosts, will not receive rain.

I prayed. I listened. I realized rain doesn't always signify "storms" and "trials."  It brings new life. It nurtures seeds which have been planted in past seasons.  I also recognized God was illuminating obscure phrases and I needed to listen. I began to sense He was speaking to me about seasons again.... a season of refreshing and blessing; not just faith strengthening trials.  I did a few Word Studies (because I always want to be rooted in the Word) and there it is......
Rain - #4306 matar - watering the earth in season, blessing from God (Deut 11:14,17; I Kings 8:35,36), replenishing the earth, refreshing for God's people (Deut 32:2, Job 29:23), can also refer to hardship where God is our refuge from the storm (dancing in the rain - my note).
A season of replenishing, refreshing, watering.....seeds continuing to germinate and sprout.....and if the rain gets overwhelming -  because too much blessing can feel like a storm...and sometimes blessings  present themselves as trials. I'll keep dancing. He's my refuge in the storm.

But those who refuse to worship - to surrender, to bow before their superior, to humbly beseech the King will not receive the rain (Zech 14:17).

Worship and rain....

I'm asking the Lord for rain in this new season. I'm asking for myself, my kids, my husband, our extended families....refreshing times of replenishment...and if we face storms....I'm believing He's our refuge and will give us the trust to continue dancing in the we continuously live a life of worship.

Just some thoughts I'm having....

 (Worship def based on #7812 Shachah)

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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